The moment David Oldfield went too far with Candice Warner on Hell's Kitchen.

On Tuesday night’s Hell’s Kitchen finale, David Oldfield went too far.

During an argument over scoring protocol amongst eliminated contestants, the former One Nation politician used information about another contestant’s past to publicly humiliate her.

“According to Google, your greatest achievement was done in a toilet cubicle,” Oldfield told professional iron woman, Candice Warner.

The slur referred to something that happened over a decade ago, that’s not worth going into the details of (click here if you’d really like to know what happened).

For the mother-of-two and wife of Australian cricketer, David Warner, the incident is something she’s likely moved on from, only to have it thrown in her face by means of winning an argument.

In an appearance on Wednesday morning’s The Morning Show, Oldfield justified his choice of words by stating “Candice had a go at me first”.

“According to Google, your greatest achievement was done in a toilet cubicle." (Image: Seven)

"Candice started having a go at me right at the very, very start of the show... If people have a go, I have a go back. I can't help it if sometimes my go is maybe a bit harsh or a bit more savage," he said in defence of his actions.

Rather than focus on the playground-like logistics of who-started-what-first, can we take a moment to acknowledge that - far out, reality TV in 2017 is nasty.

When did we go from making observations about our daily lives and social commentary, to straight-out insulting each other?

Whatever the answer, it's not a great look, is it?

Do you think David's comment was out of line?

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