Roxy Jacenko asks Real Housewives Of Sydney "why does everyone have to be so mean?"

No-one is under any illusion that you watch any of the Real Housewives franchise for tips on world peace or avoiding conflict.

But for many, the latest episodes of the Sydney version have gone too far, with the ‘housewives’ being so mean to each other it can be uncomfortable to watch.

In Sunday’s episode, Athena X revealed to the group she’d grown up in with a violent father who beat her and her mother “to a pulp”.

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Instead of sympathy, the details of her traumatic childhood became the catalyst of a fight, with another housewife Victoria competing to share that she has a half sister.

This follows countless incidents where the women have called each other “fat”, a “whore” with a “smelly vagina” and a “has-been pot plant.”

In an interview with radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa, PR Guru Roxy Jacenko said she thought the show had gone too far.

“Look I won’t lie I haven’t seen Sunday’s episode. But I have watched a couple of episodes. They are so mean to each other. I don’t get it. Why does everyone have to be so mean?,” she told the duo.


When told she’d be ‘perfect’ on it, Jacenko agreed she’d be “ruthless” before revealing that she was actually approached to appear on the show.

“Maybe two years ago they asked. But it was the time I had just done Celebrity Apprentice. And I think if I did that my mum would disown me just quietly,” she said.

“AND ANYWAY I AM NOT A HOUSEWIFE. I go to work every day. I work.”

The Binge hosts Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk – along with what feels like most of the Australian population still watching the program – are in complete agreement with Jacenko’s assessment of the show.

Lisa Oldfield and Athena X. Image: Instagram @lisaoldfield

"It's gone too far. And we've been having this discussion a lot in the Mamamia office amongst the writers who have been watching it is that it's turned from a comedy into a tragedy. Should we be laughing with these women or feeling sorry for them? This is not lighthearted entertainment," Laura said on the latest episode of The Binge.


While other cities can toe the line between drama and comedy, Sydney is unable to find that balance.

"I find it exhausting to watch their arguments because you can't root for anyone, they're all equally ridiculous.

"You know, for Melbourne we had Chyka who was the voice of reason, who can cut through all the crazy stuff," says Tiffany.

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"But this feels really nasty, lots of people tearing other people down just for the sake of making themselves look better, it doesn't feel like there's any sisterhood there which is a shame because there aren't enough shows dominated by women on screen so why do we use this format to tear each other down?"

While there are powerful moments of authentic emotion such as Athena's revelation, the women don't stop what they're doing to comfort or address them, choosing to carry on with their slanging matches instead.

"It's like what do you have to do to get a hug?" points out Tiffany.

What do you think - has RHOS gone too mean?