11 Australian jewellery brands that stand the test of time.

Australia has no shortage of creative talent. Our fashion designers are known throughout the world for their unique, out-of-the-box creations, and the same can be said about the names behind some of our favourite jewellery labels.

What makes jewellery so valuable is not the type of metal used or how many diamonds are on display (sure, those factors definitely increase its monetary worth) but rather the emotional connection people feel when they wear an accessory that has been in the family for generations.

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It’s these little moments that make us want to invest in jewellery that is made to last for a lifetime. As Australians, we’re so fortunate to have homegrown jewellery labels that are all so unique from one another.

Some specialise in modern heirlooms — pieces that incorporate art déco sensibility and are made with longevity in mind. Others are inspired by their own heritage, from Mediterranean to Middle Eastern.

We’ve rounded up the best Aussie jewellery brands and mentioned why we love them so much. While they all sell their pieces at different price points, they all have one major thing in common: These brands do not compromise on quality.


By Charlotte.

Why we love this brand: Charlotte Blakeney’s By Charlotte is one of the most successful jewellery brands in the country, and for good reason. Founded on love, sentiment and friendship, the label specialises in dainty gold and silver jewellery, with colourful gemstones scattered throughout. 

Sarah & Sebastian.


Why we love this brand: Sarah & Sebastian pieces are made to last till the end of time, and that is why they’ve established a name for themselves outside of Australia. Each piece is made with 100 per cent ethically sourced metals and stones and are crafted on a made-to-order basis.

Arms Of Eve.


Why we love this brand: Bohemian jewellery label Arms of Eve is inspired by the designer’s South African heritage, and her deep connection to Sydney’s shoreline. This label is proudly sustainable, and each piece is handmade using traditional techniques.



Why we love this brand: Five years ago, Belinda Madonini founded Bianko. The label is a love letter to luxury, while still staying true to what Madonini is most passionate about: Sustainability and ethically sourced jewellery.



Why we love this brand: Izoa has a range of modern, feminine pieces that are made from rich yellow and rose golds. With such a diverse catalogue, it’s the perfect brand to shop if you want a bit more variety. 

Alana Maria.

Why we love this brand: Alana Maria jewellery is a sustainable brand founded by Alana Ellis in 2018. It started off with the designer making every individual piece of jewellery in the bedroom of her family home in Sydney. Three years later, Alana Maria has three boutiques across the country, and has hosted pop-ups in the US.


Saint Valentine.

Why we love this brand: If you love minimal statement pieces then Saint Valentine is the jewellery brand to turn to. Founder Georgia Wyrill focuses on creating gold and silver accessories that can be worn every day, while still catching people’s attention.


S-kin Studio.

Why we love this brand: S-kin Studio is a luxury jewellery label without the hefty price tag. Founder Chi Mai was motivated to start the brand after discovering that all her jewellery was turning her skin green. After extensive research, Mai chose to create gold-filled pieces and sold them at lower price points so everyone could have the opportunity to own accessories that last a lifetime.

Amber Sceats.


Why we love this brand: If you’re looking for jewellery that is more bold and abstract, Amber Sceats will most definitely have something that catches your eye. The label’s yellow gold pieces have been spotted on Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner, and are perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with their accessories.



Why we love this brand: When Hannah Stewart was just 18 years old, she had a brilliant business idea and HLSK was born. Having started it in her parents’ garage, the label quickly turned into a flourishing business, producing delicate, wearable jewellery. The brand’s pieces have since been spotted on celebrities like Candice Swanepoel and Miley Cyrus.



Why we love this brand: FRANCESCA JEWELLERY is the perfect brand to scour if you're looking for a memorable gift. The label is best known for its Create Locket, a necklace which allows you to insert a photo of your choosing inside the pendant, and has sold 40,000 lockets globally to date. The brand also has a range of other jewellery items available, all in unique designs that will most definitely help you stand out.

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