We asked 4 'skinfluencers' their secret to good skin. Here's what we learnt.

We're notorious creeps when it comes to what skincare other people use. We wanna know how you cleanse your face at night. What serum you swear by. If you believe in eye creams. If you're partial to an oil.

Big time skincare geeks.

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This is why we’ve asked some of our favourite skincare influencers from Mamamia's You Beauty Collective, for ALL of their delicious secrets - including the products they simply cannot live without.

Because when it comes to good skin, these women know what they're talking about.

Grab your sunnies, cause things are about to get ✨BRIGHT✨.

Alisha Bhojwani.


I started noticing a huge difference in my skin when I began actually following a skincare routine - I know, it's nothing we haven't all heard before but there's a reason they say consistency is key. Once I had the basics of double cleansing and moisturising down, I began to look at how to tackle my concerns. 

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A few bottles of some (not so well formulated) vitamin C's later - I stumbled upon Medik8's C15 range (two x 15ml vials for $118) and it changed my skin for the better. I still apply it religiously each morning and I can hands-down say, it's one of the main reasons my skin still glows through hormonal breakouts. 

To help my texture, I turned to exfoliants - chemical exfoliants to be specific. I've tried, tested (and almost burnt my face off a few times, start once once a week and work your way up) but I always go back to Murad's Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel. It's got AHA's and BHA's in the formula and it always leaves my skin baby smooth. Plus, the addition of TXA's help to break down existing stubborn pigmentation and complement my daily Vit C. 

But the biggest way I was able to reign my skin in? By listening to it. That's the best tip I can give you.

If she's red and hot, I'd be skipping the actives and focusing on a soothing and barrier strengthening. Oh, and never skip your SPF because what's the point of all your serums, creams and liquids if you won't protect your skin from the sun, ya feel me?


Amelia Singson.

I can't live without an ice roller. I've dealt with puffy eyes my whole life and with age I notice my face gets puffy when I eat (or drink) certain things. 


As a teenager I relied on ice cubes for this but I now swear by the Hot Mess Ice Roller from The Skinny Confidential, $69. Face rollers are a dime a dozen or whatever the saying is but trust me, this one is worth the international shipping fee. 

The rolling component is metal, not plastic, so it holds cold for longer and the weighted, silicone handle makes for a solid grip and gives me all the Barbie-luxe vibes I didn't know I needed. 

Hot tip: Keep it in the freezer for the ultimate de-puffing session. Don't forget to run it under the tap first, though - ice flecks and tugging on the skin are not ideal.

LED masks are everywhere at the moment and for good reason: these portable, at-home versions are perfect for the multi-tasking beauty enthusiast who knows consistent use leads to healthier, younger-looking skin with a reduction in the appearance of lines, pigmentation and redness. 

My go-to mask is the Omnilux Contour Face, $550, because it's loved and raved about by dermatologists, FDA- approved and the flexible mask with eye holes means I can wear it while I'm watching Real Housewives.

Image: The Skinny Confidential

Image: Omnilux


Naa-Lamle Wellington.

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Applying serums on damp skin has been doing wonders for me. On cleansed skin I apply Glow Recipe's Watermelon Glow PHA+BHA Pore-Tight Toner, $52, and before that completely dries I apply The Ordinary's Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA Serum, $13.86.

Apparently, applying serums on damp skin increases product absorption and after doing this method for a few months, I reckon it's legit! My skin has been clearing up faster, and it feels like my skin really drinks up the product.

Image: MECCA


Image: Look Fantastic

Carly Sophia.


I think that having skin in ‘good shape’ is a work in progress! There’s always going to be the odd night I get so wasted I sleep in my makeup, or my monthly clusterf*ck of period pimples, or just days where I neglect to drink enough water so get a bit dry, creasy and dull. 

Aside from not behaving like a scumbag and staying hydrated, I do have a few little tricks up my sleeve that keep me looking tidy!

At the moment I’m loving the Aspect Probiotic Mask, $62, which I sleep in a couple of nights a week. Total baby-face when I wake up the next day. 

I also swear by Kenzina Rejuvenating Under-Eye Masks, $55. I chuck them on under a huge pair of sunnies while I do the daycare run, and by the time I start work you’d be fooled into think I’d actually had some sleep! 

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Image: Kenzina


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What's your go-to routine for dewy skin? Have you used any of these products before? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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