We asked a beauty editor if you really do have to bother with an eye cream.

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Skincare can feel a bit like a never ending to-do list.

You need the miracle cleanser and a separate cleansing oil and a toner and a mist and a jade roller to apply your first serum, you can apply the second serum with your hands before adding the hydrating oil and a moisturiser and a mask…

It’s exhausting.

If everyone used every single skincare product out there, we’d all need an extra hour in the day just to put it all on.

That’s why keeping your products focused on what your skin needs (rather than everyone else’s) is the best way to save money and keep things simple.

One product Mamamia’s executive editor and beauty editor of 15 years Leigh Campbell gets asked about all the time is eye cream.

Specifically, do you really need it in your routine or will your regular moisturiser do the job?

“It depends on what you’re trying to do with your eyes, and your face,” Leigh told co-host Kelly McCarren on the You Beauty podcast (get it in your ears below).

“The eye area, under your eye, has the least amount of oil glands on your face. It’s very delicate, the skin is thinner there and also because you smile, that area is used more and you get lines.

“If you’re wanting to fade dark circles and treat puffiness, but on the rest of your face you’re dealing with acne or pigmentation, you wouldn’t want any of [those harsher] products near your eye area because they’re really drying.”


Leigh also said whether or not you skip eye cream and stick with your regular moisturiser depends on how thick it is.

“I often take my serum up to around my eye, but my night cream is too thick, and if you apply something too thick to the eye area, it can cause milia, which are those little white dots you’ll see.”

Whether an eye cream, which is formulated for the dry, delicate skin under your eye, gets a spot in your skincare roster comes down to budget, skincare needs and personal preference.

“If dark circles are your problem, or puffiness under the eyes is your problem, go for an eye cream to specifically treat that under eye area,” Leigh said.

“If you’ve got generally good skin and it’s just lines [that bother you], I tend to use my anti-ageing serum around my eye area.”

Problem solved.

Side note – we also asked a makeup artist how to cover dark circles, post continues after video.

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You Beauty Cheat Sheet

Other questions Leigh and Kelly answered, as well as their ‘spendys’ and ‘saveys’ (and where you can buy them).


“I know getting regular trims is important to grow my hair long, but can those split end creams really help too?”

  • Leigh says we’re always told if you want to grow you hair long, get regular trims, but it doesn’t actually work like that, it just makes your hair look healthier.
  • Whatever you’re doing to the ends of your hair won’t affect how well your hair will grow at the roots – it’s mainly to keep the ends healthy so you don’t get split ends.
  • Once a split end has started, if it’s not cut, it’ll keep splitting more and more up the hair shaft. Your split ends with get split ends, that’s why your hair can feel really crunchy and look like a broom.
  • There are split end sealing products that say they seal split ends – you can’t repair a split end once it’s split, but what they can do is get you through to your next trim to stop that end from splitting all the way up the hair shaft.
  • Recommended time between trims is 12 weeks, Leigh says you can get away with four months.

Leigh’s Spendy: Votary Intense Eye Oil,$230.

Image: Votary.

Why she loves it:

  • Eye oil with retinoids and botanical extracts.
  • Really intensely rejuvenates the eye area while you sleep.
  • Comes in a lush rollerball, roll it onto your eye area and pat it in with your fingers.
  • Leigh finds it really plumping in those dehydration lines under your eyes.
  • Super expensive, but when you're putting it on, you feel spesh.

Kelly's Spendy: Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask, $180.

Image: Sisley.

Why she loves it:

  • Beautiful cream face mask so good, Kelly sometimes sleeps in it.
  • It's a 20-minute mask - pop a thick layer on and then rub off any excess.
  • Hydrating, nourishing and really moisturising.

Side note - Leigh also loves Sisley eye pencils, and Kelly enjoys the mascaras.

Leigh's Savey: Lanolips Hydrating Lip Luminiser, $18.95.

Image: Mecca.

Why she loves it:

  • Leigh loves the Lanolips 101 Ointment Fruities like they're her children.
  • This launched recently, it's more of a gloss than a balm.
  • Made from lanolin and comes in two shades - Beach Pop and Desert Glow, both have shimmer but not glitter.
  • Leigh's favourite is Desert Glow, it's a rosy, nudey, peachy colour.
  • Not too sticky, smells great and makes you look 'done'.
  • Aussie company and Lady Startup.

Kelly's Savey: Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour Foundation, $24.95.

Image: Chemist Warehouse.
  • Kelly's been wearing it two weeks and is loving it.
  • High coverage, velvety matte finish, without being caky or chalky.
  • It has a pump, two pumps does Kelly's whole face, and she doesn't find she needs concealer too.
  • Apply with a brush for full coverage, fingers for natural, sheer finish.

Until next week, stay lovely.

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