Zoe Foster Blake just showed us how to not screw up at-home tinting and colouring.

It's that time again, folks. That time when we roll up our cute (jumper) sleeves, whisper a quiet prayer and try our hand at a DIY beauty treatment.

Cause look, sometimes investing time and energy into yourself just makes you feel good/ helps you pretend the world isn't ending.

And beauty guru Zoë Foster Blake knows where it's at. 

She's just given us a sweet demo on how to not f**k up your brows and hair, sharing her at-home tinting and colouring routine on Instagram Stories.


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Let's talk brows first.

Her go-to product for making brows looks like they... exist, is 1000 Hour Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit, $17.99, which she says she she buys in "'Brown black' shade despite light brown hair cos no danger of red". 


Image: Instagram/@zotheysay 


Image: Instagram/@zotheysay 


If you're anything like us, messing around with dye and brows sounds 11/10 dangerous, but Zoë makes it look incredibly non-scary. 

In fact, dare we say it - she makes it look *gasp* easy! (And fun. Always fun).

Image: Instagram/@zotheysay 


Wouldya just look at how good they look! 

Image: Instagram/@zotheysay 

Because she 100 per cent knows we're frothing over this kind of content, Zoë also posted some Very Useful Information about her favourite lockdown product for touching up her hair colour.


And we're here for it. One, because it's affordable; two, because it doesn't look as hectic as other at-home hair dye kits out there.

Image: Instagram/@zotheysay 

The product is Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme, $22.70, and unlike permanent and semi-permanent box hair dyes, it's a toning treatment that'll freshen up your hair colour. Meaning? Dye mishaps are not going to be an issue. 



And according to Zoë, it takes only 15 minutes for it to give you hair a "decenty refresh". 

Image: Instagram/@zotheysay 

But alas, we're not all Zoë Foster Blake (rude), and if you don't know what you're doing, mistakes are a very REAL thing that can happen. Things like, using a dye colour that's... definitely not your dye colour.


That's why we reckon it's a good time to have a wee chat about DIY brow tinting, at-home hair colouring and everything you should know before carting these products and attempting it yourself.

So, we asked the experts to help us out.

How to dye your own eyebrows.

What is eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting works similar to hair dye - it pretty much just coats your brow hairs in colour. 

"Eyebrow tinting is when we apply a semi-permanent dye onto the hairs of the brow to make them look fuller and ready to be shaped," explains Natalie Ferrari, founder of Sydney salon The Parlour Room.

How long does eyebrow tinting last?

"It really depends on the individual, as well as how often you are washing your face with certain products. However, as a general rule it would be four to six weeks," said Ferrari.

Obviously brow tinting gives you longer-lasting results than brow products, but if you're looking for something more permanent, you could always try micro-blading or brow tattooing (when you're... not in lockdown).

What's the best way to choose the right brow colour?

Choosing the right shade of dye can be tricky, but the good news is there's no real rule as to what kind of colour you go for. "Traditionally they say your brows should be two shades darker than your hair but I think today you can go with whatever you like."

"I’ve seen lots of different looks that I love. From blonde hair to blonde brows, to platinum hair with dark dark brows."

If you're struggling to choose a shade, Ferrari suggests using your skin tone as a guide.

"You want to make sure that the tone matches the tone of your hair and skin. For example, if your hair is ashy you want to have a cool tone brow tint, not warm," she said.


How to tint eyebrows.

First up, you're going to need a brow tinting kit. These will usually have everything you need in the box, such as the brow colour, a developer and an applicator. 

Some of our faves are 1000 Hour Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit, $17.99, Baebrow Instant Eyebrow Tint, $49.95 and Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint, $24.95.

These at-home kits will generally come with manuals/guides that will break down exactly what you need to do, but you can also check out Ferrari's step-by-step IGTV guide below:


How to avoid mistakes.

To make sure things don't stain the skin around your brows, Ferrari said to apply Vaseline around your brows before you start (she goes through this in the clip above!) - especially if you're opting for a darker colour. 

"This will make it easier to not go outside the lines of your brows," she said.

Another top tip? Don't go too hard too fast. "Remove the tint and reapply as many times as you need. It’s easier to add more depth than to go too dark and stain the skin."

"I also always remove the tint from the centre of the brows first so it looks more natural," adds Ferrari.

How to touch up your hair colour at home.

Whether your roots are starting to show or you want to tackle some greys, there are some easy (and low-maintenance) ways to touch up your hair colour at home.

However! Before you run off and buy a permanent or semi-permanent box colour (slow down, sport), it's worth knowing there are some other options out there. 'Cause when it comes to at-home hair colouring, it's just TOO easy to end up with a super patchy, uneven colour job.

What should you avoid when colouring hair at home?

"Stay away from anything chemical-based or permanent, as this could be a costly exercise to fix," said Jasmine Redstone, Director of Polly & Stone.

According to Redstone, permanent and semi-permanent at-home colouring is something that can lead to a major colour correction, with hours spent in the salon to fix.


"Much like when you purchase a new makeup foundation for your skin, experts are experts for a reason - from colour matching, skin complimenting and of course working with a chemical on your scalp. We’ve all seen them horror stories many times before."


What are some alternatives to touching up your hair colour at home?

When it comes to colouring your hair at home, Redstone says there are plenty of other options if regrowth or greys are bothering you.

She recommends looking into toning treatments (like the one Zoë Foster Blake used), because these kinds of products will give your hair an oomph of instant colour, without damaging or stripping your strands. 


"Get creative at home with Nutri Color Filters by Revlon Professional. These are toning treatments to enhance, refresh or tone what is existing. If you're blonde, why not try a temporary fashion shade such as coral!"

She also said wash-out products are another great option if you're looking for something quick and easy. 

"A wide range of root sprays are available online and in stores, perfect for spraying on your hairline/parting to temporarily hide greys from your day-to-day video calls."

If you want to give wash-out colours a go, L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch, $14.49 and John Frieda Root Blur, $10 are some good options.

What's the best way to colour your hair if you're going to do it, anyway?

While absolutely every hairdresser, ever, will advise you NOT to colour your hair at home, if you're going to do it anyway (REBEL) at least make sure you're doing it right, yeah?


Virginie Gayssot, Head of Education and Talent at Franck Provost said, "Firstly, my number one rule is DON'T - but since we are in lockdown... if you are choosing between two colours, always go for the lighter option. It's easier to go darker than it is lighter!"

"Also, if you can connect with your hairdresser virtually, ask them the closest colour they recommend for your hair and if they used a demi/semi or a permanent colour. I would recommend a demi/semi colour as it gradually washes out and then you can visit your hairdresser for a more permanent colour post lockdown!"

What do you need to touch-up your roots at home?

"If you are going to do it, ensure that you invest in the right tools," said Gayssot. "Also, make sure you have a really great tail comb so you can part your hair easily."

According to Gayssot you will need the below essentials to colour your hair at home:

1. Colour (obvs) 

2. A cape (these usually come as part of the hair colour kit)

3. Gloves (also usually comes with the kit)

4. An old towel

5. A barrier cream (think Vaseline or moisturiser)

6. A bowl (usually part of the kit)

What should you avoid?

"Again, going too dark is an absolute no-no, as is colouring your roots in a dark bathroom. Remember to turn the lights on and even invest in additional lighting to see what you are doing!" said Gayssot.


"Also, don't forget to do your neck. Regrowth can also occur around the ear area and not just in the middle of your head. I would avoid leaving anything unnecessary to the professionals."

Note. Taken.

Feature image: Instagram/@zoetheysay

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