A wedding planner has a rule for exactly how much cash you should give as a wedding gift.

We’ve all had that anxiety when we receive a wedding invitation and think about having to take out a small mortgage just to pay our way.

Whether it be the cost of accommodation and flights for a getaway wedding, or buying a new outfit for a themed celebration (all white wedding, anyone?), the price of watching two lovers wed is steep.

But one of the eternal dilemmas of attending a wedding, which has been pondered over by women over a glass of wine for years, is the dreaded wedding card.

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How much do you really need to contribute to the happy couple without looking tight, while not blowing your budget either?

According to wedding planner Trish Simitakos, who spoke to Bustle, there is a formula for calculating how much you should be putting in the wedding card or wishing well.

And as it turns out, it’s different for everyone.


The equation Simitakos suggests is that you should, if you’re not in the wedding party, gift 10 per cent of your pre-tax weekly salary.

So, if your weekly salary before tax is $1500, you should (as a rule of thumb) give $150 in your wedding card.

It all seems pretty straighty one-eighty. Though obviously there are some other elements to consider, such as whether that’s from one person or a couple.

But for the most part, it seems to take the guessing out of the situation because you can’t argue with an equation.

All in all… we like it.

How much would you give in a wedding card or wishing well? Tell us in the comments.

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