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Macey-Jayne April 14, 2020

I have no sympathy.
She was stupid enough to go in the middle of a pandemic......what does she expect?
More money than brains it seems,
Instead of whingeing about how hard down by she is, she should be thankful that she got safely back to Australia.

Macey-Jayne January 30, 2020

I will never understand the stupidity of people.
My 17 year old daughter died from a Grade IV Glioblastoma and we were told from the outset that the prognosis was poor and we knew we did not have much time.
My daughter had surgery and radiation, but the chemo made her too sick.
This type of cancer is so aggressive and so fast and we just had to accept what is and treasure what little time we had left.
We had 15 months and had to watch our beautiful daughter suffer and die in front of us and there was nothing we could do about it,
I remember all of this going on with Belle Gibson at the time but I thought what a crock of shit ....this woman is insane!
I never for a minute believed such nonsense!
Use some common sense...we had the world’s best neurosurgeon telling us we did not have much time .......we believed him!
You can remain hopeful but clutching at straws is something I have never and will never do.

Macey-Jayne January 29, 2020

People who believed Belle Gibson only have themselves to blame.
Why would you listen to a silly woman with no medical credibility?
There are no cures for GBMs which is what she claimed she was terminally ill with.
Wake up!
I find the whole story hilarious actually it is that ridiculous!
Belle deserves an academy award for her acting and performances in public.

Macey-Jayne January 29, 2020

Does the author feel better now that she has told even more people about her lies to garner even more sympathy?

Macey-Jayne January 27, 2020

Who cares?
She is not the first and won’t be the last celebrity who has been caught drink driving.
Leave her alone,......she is human like the rest of us.....she made a mistake as we all do.
She apologised and said she had done the wrong thing

Macey-Jayne December 20, 2019

Let kids be kids and give them much and as many as you can afford.
They do remember.

Macey-Jayne December 7, 2019

My engagement ring cost $247 30 years ago.
It was all my husband could afford and he did not think there was anything wrong with it.
I was made fun of, laughed at and joked about as I live in a small country town.
I was so embarrassed and felt humiliated.

Macey-Jayne September 15, 2019

Why is it not right that your family did not give a gift?
My mother did not buy me any gifts when my children were born and neither did a lot of other friends and people I knew well.
I did not carry on about it. It didn’t bother me actually as I had more important things to do. Also I did not expect gifts from immediate family.
Did you have a baby shower?
If so, perhaps they contributed a gift then,

Just be happy that you have a healthy baby,

Macey-Jayne September 15, 2019

My heart bleeds for you!

Macey-Jayne August 24, 2019

“I’m not ready” - the author thinks this is beautiful, honest, and sexy.
OMG- that would have to be the biggest BS of an excuse to say to someone when you aren’t interested in them and want to give them the flick!
As long as she is happy.
“I’m not interested” works better for me.

Macey-Jayne August 3, 2019

It’s not that hard to send a quick text to end things.
At least the other person then knows it’s over.
This is also called being polite and respectful, none of which you seem to know the meaning of.

Macey-Jayne July 30, 2019

If the relative was palliative and actively dying and death is expected soon, I am sure you would understand what “just passed away” or “just passed” meant when they have died.
As a health care professional I would talk to family in an empathetic manner and inform them in language and terms I am comfortable with, that their loved one has died. Of that you can be most assured.

Macey-Jayne July 29, 2019

They want you to say that “mum grew wings and flew to Heaven” and other such nonsense.

Macey-Jayne July 29, 2019

What do want us nurses to say??
“Mum grew wings and flew to Heaven?’
There is nothing wrong with “passed away” or “just passed”
It is better than just dropped dead!

Macey-Jayne July 14, 2019

This is such a sad story and I am so sorry for the loss of your precious baby Imogen.
I wanted a tubal ligation after my third baby was born as I was having a planned caesarean.
My obstetrician/gyno strongly advised against this and would not perform the procedure.
He advised me to wait at least 18 months first, because of the risk of cot death.
In the meantime it was so much easier for my husband to have a vasectomy, as it was performed in the GPs surgery and he was back at work that afternoon.
Vasectomies are reversible with good outcomes of success being able to conceive again if needed.
It should be made compulsory for Medical Officers/Obstetricians to inform all patients of the risks of cot death and to refuse the procedure.

Macey-Jayne July 14, 2019

You can call yourself whatever you like and imply that your husband is the “secondary caregiver” if that’s what you want.
The term “Primary Caregiver” does not need to change.

Macey-Jayne July 11, 2019

She told him to get back in his truck and go through with killing himself when he was having second thoughts and doubts!
She deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law.
She is a despicable person for what she did.
That poor boy. My heart breaks for Conrad and his family.

Macey-Jayne July 10, 2019

My momma always said.....if you’ve got it flaunt it!

Macey-Jayne June 26, 2019

That was your decision if you wanted to believe her.
Still, no one forced you or anyone to change their treatment.
Scam artists are everywhere you go.
You could have done some research yourself and read scientific facts and used some common sense, but instead chose to believe someone on Instagram and in glossy magazines?
Then you say you are a victim.

Macey-Jayne June 25, 2019

I’m saying he can ask for money on GoFundMe if he wants to, as everyone else does.
Even wealthy people who do not need the money, as in his case, ask for handouts so why not?
Im not arguing with anyone.
Perhaps I’m saying the system isn’t fair and a lot of those who truly are in need miss out as they don’t like to ask.