A woman chose a dress for a wedding. Then 300 random strangers absolutely tore her apart.

While we don’t know what would truly possess someone to seek style advice from a bunch of strangers on the internet, there are people out there who look to forums to answer life’s big questions, like: should I wear this dress to a wedding?

Usually, whoever has posted will get a simple yes or no to whether the garment is wedding-appropriate, not… hundreds of randoms criticising their sense of style.

Can you wear white to a wedding? Post continues after video.

But for one woman who put her trust in the hands of the Mumsnet forum regulars, the system backfired, and it backfired hard.

And we think it’s safe to say she probably won’t be posting in there again any time soon…

Posting a photo of the navy floral high-low dress she was considering wearing to an upcoming wedding, the woman said: “I’ve asked a couple of people now, it’s about an inch of the floor at the back if I’m wearing flats which I intend to later on or with heels, 4/5 inches.

“Everyone I’ve asked (6 people) says it’s fine and I should definitely wear it but if I were the bride, I feel as though I’d think whoever wore it was trying to steal the limelight (although, you can never truly upstage a bride).

“Is everyone else being unreasonable here?” she put to the forum.

The dress. Image: Chi Chi.

While we don't really see how this dress would upstage or upset the bride either (it being navy, not white), those who responded were... ruthless.

It seems like they kinda missed the point of her question:

"It's very horrible. So yes," one simply said.

"It's awful! Sorry," another replied, and excuse us, but it does not seem like you are sorry at all.

It didn't stop there though, with a flood of brutal replies flowing in.

"How on earth would that compete with a wedding dress?? Eh????"

"I suppose it depends what the bride looks like, but I’d be pretty gutted if that could upstage me! Not something I’d chose to wear myself."

"It's not to my taste at all, I think it's really ugly. Not sure how it would look like an attempt to upstage the bride!"


"I think it’s an awful style so I wouldn’t wear it."

"Agree - horrible dress. I don’t think that would upstage the bride at all."

And one really drove their point home:

"I think it's awful and unflattering and would look terrible with flats on. Don't do it, send it back. I promise I'm not being rude or mean I am giving my genuine answer."


Who knew a forum full of mums could be as vicious as Reddit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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