'My honeymoon made people feel terrified. Here's why.'

Yes, hello, it's me! I'm back! Did you miss me? (Just nod.)

In case you've had your AirPods in or something, I've been away on my honeymoon in the US – and you guys, it was the best honeymoon I've ever had. We ate all the food. Downed all the drinks. Had all the laughs. And (apparently) controversially... did it all without planning a thing.


No Excel spreadsheets, no flights, no accommodation, just... planned it as we went. In fact, after spending a few days in New York we flipped a coin to decide on our next destination.

The great flip of 2023.


And you guys, it's not everyone's cup of tea, I know. I know. I've had more people than I'd imagined tell me that the sheer thought of my honeymoon makes them utterly terrified. And that's fine! I get it.

But I'm here to show you that sometimes not planning out everything to the very last tiny detail is okay. In fact, it's actually very fun. Especially when you and your partner both really hate forward-planning.

So! Grab a cup of tea/whiskey and listen to me rant about five of the best things about planning your honeymoon as you go.

1. You have room for error.

We were originally planning on travelling from to the Caribbean or the Bahamas and relaxing on the beach for three weeks straight – but sometimes a category five hurricane hits the week you're meant to go. And you realise that being very unorganised and not booking was actually a very lucky thing. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯ 

2. You do things you probably wouldn't have planned to do. And it's fun.


I have two words for you: SWAMP TOURS. Louisiana wasn't even a place that was remotely on the list for our honeymoon, but we flipped a coin and ended up going to New Orleans — and omg. It ended up being one of our favourite places.

We rolled into a lovely hotel, ate all the delicious food, enjoyed the novelty of drinking on the streets (!!) and even ended up taking a swamp tour on a fan boat and spotting gators. Classic honeymoon things.

3. Sometimes you end up in Vegas. 

So, sometimes this funny thing happens where you've road-tripped through Arizona and camped at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and you're only, like, three hours out from Las Vegas and AS IF you wouldn't?! Oh, come on! We only stayed for two nights and look, that was more than enough time — but it was fantastic fun. And yes, I won on blackjack. (And then lost.)

4. If you need to relax between busy days, you can.


Ask anyone who's been travelling and they'll tell you that sometimes, walking 500,000 steps a day and staying in a different place every two nights actually ends up being not very relaxing at all.

One of the best parts about not having flights/accomodations/tours locked in was that we were free to scale it back a bit and take some time to just relax (be hungover) by the pool, go on a bike ride or do some exploring without time restrictions.

5. Everything is more exciting.

While it may fill some people with absolute dread, waking up and not knowing where we were off to next made everything really exciting? Fun? Kinda like a game? And like, is there ever going to be another time when I can wake up and decide to go to New York and see a hockey game?? (No.) So, yeah. You best believe I ("we") soaked up every minute!

What are your thoughts? Go on, I wanna know! Share them with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Supplied.

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