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"Not the strawberry trauma!" Australia reacts to Lizzie's very triggering MAFS honeymoon.

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Tonight’s honeymoon episode of MAFS reminded us what the show was like before the messy drama started. A time when (fake) husbands stayed with their (fake) wives and when toothbrushes were kept well away from toilets.

And it seems like the experts put a little bit more effort in this time around because our new couples seem to be hitting it off. Well… for the most part anyway.

Lizzie finally got to experience her first-ever budget honeymoon, after her ex-husband Sam disappeared during her honeymoon last season.

All was looking pretty well between Lizzie and her robot-dancing husband, Seb. That is until Seb took her on a date.

And not just any date… a strawberry picking date. It was a pretty good idea but Seb (and the rest of Australia) seemed to forget one very important thing.

Lizzie had a “traumatic” strawberry experience last season when she was “force-fed” strawberries by her ex. And she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

To distract her from her past reality TV horrors, they decided to play bocce. During the game, Seb jokingly accused her of ‘cheating’. And Lizzie was once again triggered.

But Seb eventually made up for it by taking her out on a cute dinner date.

Meanwhile, our other couple, KC and Drew, were busy chilling by the pool, having a picnic and doing other coupley things to fill in the time.

But this is MAFS so, of course, there’s trouble brewing. And tonight, that trouble came in the form of a stuffed toy.

You see, Drew’s mysterious female housemate gave him a stuffed toy to take on the show with him. And KC was not happy about it.

Especially when he made the joke that his housemate sprayed the toy with perfume to remind him of her. Yikes. 

Here’s how Australia reacted.







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Feature Image: Nine. 

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