Wait. Did Hamish Blake actually hang up on Kyle and Jackie O?

Well, this morning’s Kyle and Jackie O Show was a little awkward.

Speaking to comedian Hamish Blake, hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O asked the 36-year-old about his international travels with his wife Zoë Foster Blake and their young children.

But when Jackie O asked whether the couple choose to fly in business or first class, the father-of-two’s phone line suspiciously went dead.

“No! I always ask the wrong questions,” Jackie said after the phone line suddenly went dead.

“Oh my god. I Tracey Grimshaw’d him,” she added. “He couldn’t handle my tough question.”

Although it seemed as if Hamish hung up to avoid the question, Kyle and Jackie O later went back on air to explain that it was most likely a technical issue that caused the interview to end abruptly.

And with Hamish calling in from New York City, there is a fair chance the US phone service could be to blame.


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“I know you want to think [he hung up] but the cell service in America is terrible. You’d think phone service in America is amazing, but it’s note. It’s the worst,” Kyle said.

“Every time we do an interview in New York there’s always delays and all sorts of stuff,” Jackie added.

But while the radio hosts claim it was probably just a technical difficulty on Hamish’s end, we still can’t help but wonder why he didn’t just simply call the KIIS FM radio station back.

After all, did the phone line really cut out? The timing was slightly suspicious. Or was it just an annoying question Hamish didn’t want to answer?

Hamish’s brand, alongside podcast co-host, Andy Lee, has always been that of ‘the boys next door’. Their enormous success in radio, television and now podcasts, has no doubt earned them a significant income, but it’s not ever been their style to talk about it. So it is within the realm of possibility that Jackie O’s question left Hamish feeling uncomfortable.

Maybe we’ll never know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hamish and his author wife Zoë are currently living in New York City with their two children, four-year-old Sonny and one-year-old Rudy.

The pair have moved to the Big Apple to “live and work for a while” as 37-year-old Zoë’s Go-To skincare range launches in America’s Sephora stores.