Inside the curious and budding feud between Rob Mills and Kyle and Jackie O.

This a curious one.

It would appear the budding feud between Rob ‘Millsy’ Mills and Kyle and Jackie O is far from peacekeeping, with the singer doing little to mend relations between both parties in an interview on Friday.

Appearing at the Book of Mormon premiere in Sydney, Mills was approached for interview by KIIS FM’s Pete Deppeler.

“Now Robbie, I represent The Kyle and Jackie O Show,” Deppeler said.

“Last year you came out, you slagged them, you told them you’d never come on the show again. We’ve called you, we’ve texted you, you haven’t answered.

“We thought it was a great opportunity to grab you on the carpet today and say, ‘Hey you said you’d never come on the show again, why’s that?’”

Millsy was brief:

“I don’t know those guys, sorry,” he said.

Talking about his interview attempt later on the show, Deppeler called the singer a “loser”.

“Then he pretended he didn’t even know you guys. He’s a loser,” he said, while Sandilands more brusquely referred to him as a “d*ckhead”.

The strange PR stunt feud first arose in September last year when Mills, appearing on Melbourne’s Chrissy, Sam & Browny, said he would never go back on the show because of a past experience.


“They do a thing called ‘Scary-oke’, which is a show on American television,” he explained.

“They threw me in an ice bucket … they threw tuna fish pie in my face … they covered me in honey and feathers. I was like, ‘what the hell?!’”

He went on to say though he was given a “shower and towel” afterwards, it didn’t do much to cheer him up.

“I don’t eat fish, mate. It was gross — and I refuse to do their show,” he said. “I’ve not been on the show since, because I hate them.”

In the days after Mills made his comments, Sandilands addressed the furore on his own radio show, claiming Mills knew the stunt was happening all along.

“He knew it was happening beforehand … He’s running around pretending he was dealt this terrible situation which was bulls**t,” he said in response.

“I even found that he liked the tweet where we posted the link to the video after we’d done it,” Kyle said. “If you were so offended, why would you go and like the link?”

So, yeah. That’s a thing.