Sarah thought she was talking to her boyfriend on the phone, it was actually Hamish Blake.


Yes, well.

It seems Hamish Blake is back on the radio doin’ pranks.

You see, this morning Hamish and his very tall buddy, Andy, dropped into the studio to visit Triple J’s Ben and Liam. 

The comedians were there to promote the second season of their TV show, True Story With Hamish & Andy. 

During the interview, Liam mentioned that people used to say he sounded just like Hamish while on air.

“I remember in our very first week here at Triple J, the very first time I made a article and it was (about), ‘Liam sounds like Hamish Blake’,” Liam said.

“If it makes you feel any better the very first show we had it was, ‘Oh these guys sound like Merrick and Rosso’,” Andy Lee told him.

Hamish and Andy’s classic radio prank…

The four radio funny guys then concocted a plan.

They decided to call Liam’s girlfriend, Sarah, to see whether she’d actually realise she was talking to Hamish and not her boyfriend.

“I’ll start it and then I’ll throw it over,” Liam explained before the phone call began.

“I’m not confident that I can even get one phrase in,” Hamish said.


Liam began the phone call by telling Sarah he just “had a quick question”.

He then passed the phone call over to Hamish who asked, “Do you wanna go to the Goldy this weekend?”.

Then there was silence.

Just when the boys thought the jig was up Sarah replied, “Why?”.

Hamish then continued.

“We got given three park super passes at work… Wet’n’Wild, Movie World…”

“Oh, really?” Sarah replied. “Only thing is Ben and Rachel are coming over this weekend.”

“Well, why don’t you call Rach and just make up something so we can get out of it,” Hamish continued.

“What?” a confused Sarah asked.

“They’re just valid for this weekend… Can’t we just see Ben and Rach next weekend? I mean, I don’t really like Ben that much.”

Then, like all good radio girlfriends, Sarah became suss.

“Is this content?” she asked.

Ben, Liam, Hamish and Andy burst into laughter as they explained to Sarah that it was, in fact, a prank.

“That was Hamish Blake talking Sarah, it’s Andy here as well. We just wanted to see does Liam and Hamish actually sound the same. You couldn’t tell the difference?” Andy asked.

“Kind of at the end there,” she replied.

So, yeah.

It almost feels like 2017 again  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.