'I tried Go-To's new eye serum and it's not what I expected.'

Mamamia’s Tried and Tested series is your review of the latest to hit our desks in beauty, health and wellness. You won’t find any #sponsored content here, just honest, relatable and independent advice. This week, Mamamia's Health and Beauty Editor reviews Go-To's De Crease Eye Serum.

Everyone's favourite skincare brand has launched a new product, so obviously I'm going to put it on my face and tell you my thoughts!

Yes! Go-To has launched its first-ever vitamin A product. And an eye serum, at that. Surprised?

It's called De Crease Retinal Eye Serum, and it's $55.

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Now, most people who have followed Zoë Foster Blake and Go-To for a while will know there's one thing she always said she would never make: an eye cream.

So then why are our friends at Go-To now launching an eye serum? Well, according to Zoë, it's actually one of Go-To's most requested products.


"To me, they are just tiny pots of very expensive moisturiser - (gently) taking your face cream up to the eye area will be just as beneficial for hydration. To create one simply because Skincare Brands Make Eye Creams felt disingenuous. Even the fact that you, beloved customer, asked for one repeatedly, wasn’t enough to sway my cold, miserable heart," Zoë told customers on the Go-To website.

"But eye serums, those I can get behind. Serums sink into the skin quicker (so they work quicker), and contain potent actives. They’re not messing around. Specifically those with vitamin A. If ya gonna spend big on a teeny product, it had better do something."

So, does it do something? Is it worth the hype? Can it really iron out those niggling crow's feet? 

I put it to the test. Here are my first impressions.

What is Go-To De Crease Retinal Eye Serum?

Okay, some introductions are in order first, no? Please say hello to De-Crease — a retinal eye serum that promises to smooth and soften lines around your eyes. Be nice, you guys.

Here's what it looks like in the box: 

De-Crease Retinal Eye Serum wearing her peachy best.


If you open the box (please do), you'll find the actual product comes in Go-To's signature peach-coloured bottle with a handy pump top.

Here's what she looks like in the nude:


So teeny! So cute!

Now, in case you're not across the differences between retinal and retinol (because we're not... scientists) both ingredients are part of the vitamin A family and offer the same benefits — they both boost cellular turnover and encourage collagen production to improve things like fine lines. 

However, the difference is in how they work. Basically retinal is faster and more potent than retinol and is more tolerable for sensitive skin — so it involves less chance of irritation. We love less irritation!

De-Crease also contains a bunch of other really fantastic ingredients, including peptides — which promise to visibly lift and firm the eye area. It also includes soothing and brightening niacinamide (also known as vitamin B3) and mushroom extract to protect, hydrate and plump your eye area. 


Cool! How did you go with it?

When it comes to the actual formula, it's honestly nothing like I expected. It has a gel-like consistency (I knew it was a serum but for some reason I expected a creamier, lotion-like consistency). In fact, it kinda reminds me of antiseptic gel. The look! The look of it. (It has zero fragrance).

Here's what it looks like on my hand:

Here's what I mean!


Anyway, it feels lovely and lightweight on the skin and although it comes in quite a wee tube — a little goes a long way (one pump did both eyes). It's also delightfully non-sticky and sinks in really nicely.

Now, I don't usually use vitamin A under my eyes — or any kind of eye product for that matter (I usually just bring serums up under my eyes). So, I decided to play it safe and start off using it twice weekly at night on dry skin (you only use it in the PM, friend), tapping it gently under and around my eyes. 

I experienced zero irritation — which is a really nice change for my sensitive skin. I gradually built up the frequency and have been using it every other night. (If I add another serum on top, it's a hydrating serum. Because layering actives on top of actives is never a good time for the skin and I'm not a monster).

The verdict.

I've only been trialling De-Crease for a couple of weeks, so it'll take a little longer than that to see a difference in the lines around my eyes — usually around six to eight weeks of consistent use. However, what I can say is that my eyes definitely feel (and look) more hydrated with this in my skincare routine. 

I know this because my makeup isn't chilling in the creases around my eyes or going patchy or flaky at lunchtime like it usually would. My under eyes look a little fresher, brighter and — dare I say it — smoother!


In my opinion, these hardworking, science-backed ingredients — retinal, peptides, niacinamide — really level it up. The combination is powerful and effective, yet perfectly balanced so it plays nice with all skin.

Because approximately no one likes irritation but especially not around your poor eyes. That kind of irritation is particularly sucky. 

As someone with a sensitive face and dry skin, this was one of my main concerns - my skin can be notoriously flippant when it comes to vitamin A. So the fact that the formula is really gentle, while still packing a punch when it comes to results, is a really good time.

Whether you're a newbie to the vitamin A game (or eye serums in general), or you can say really long and complicated skincare ingredients like cyclopentasiloxane without stuffing it up, this is one of those products that's great for everyone.

If you'd like to try De-Crease Retinal Eye Serum for yourself, you can get it from or in-store or online at Mecca

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