Happy Father's Day! Introducing the undies that'll stop your kid kicking you in the balls.

With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, September 2, this is the gift all dads actually want, nay, need.

Now we don’t know first hand because we’re not men, but apparently it really hurts when they’re hit/kicked/attacked with a projectile object, in the balls. Who would’ve thought?

Therefore parenting – while a beautiful and wonderful thing – also puts men at risk of such an event happening.

Babies in slings have their feet at prime impact level, with spontaneous bed attacks and sporting practice all opportunities for direct collision. The danger is everywhere.

But thanks to Swedish company, Fridababy, they’ve designed a patent-pending pair of jocks that will make this a thing of the past.

Behold… FridaBalls (AKA free-the-balls).

Video via Fridababy

The gist of the product is simple, but genius.

The FridaBalls bills itself as a pair of standard boxer briefs with a “reinforced protective pouch” (AKA protection) with wicking fabric and never slip secure waistband (for public decency).

As is their catch phrase, it’s “all day protection delivered to modern dads for those everyday ‘love taps'”, and really, the pants sell themselves.


They’re already out of stock on the Fridababy website so you’ll have to pre-order them and ship them through a parcel-forwarding service like ShopMate, but hey… keeping the crown jewels safe and sound from hyperactive youngins… that’s a worthy investment.

Fathers of Australia, you’re welcome.


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