So which hurts more - childbirth or getting kicked in the balls? We have the answer.

It’s an ongoing debate that’s gone on for years: Who experiences more pain? A man getting kicked in the balls or a woman pushing a baby out of her vagina?

This video was created entirely using whiteboard markers seeks to answer that question and end the battle between men and women over who cops it the worst.

The video begins: “On the one hand, women are left fitting a watermelon sized object through a coin-sized hole… On the other hand, males protest that even a tiny nick on their family jewels can leave them incapacitated…”

The million dollar question is then posed: “So which hurts more? Childbirth or getting kicked in the balls?”

Watch the video below to find out the result.

What do you think about the conclusion of the video in the Balls vs Birth debate? Is it fair to have one coming out on top or should it be a tie?