"I couldn't get myself out of bed": Georgia Love on the health struggle no one talks about.

ICYMI, towards the end of last year, Georgia Love - journalist, TV presenter, business owner, *takes a breath*, podcaster and QUEEN of Instagram puns - shared her battle with iron deficiency with the world.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, she opened up about how the condition has affected not only her physical health, but the huge toll it's taken on her mental health and anxiety, too.

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What's weird is that for a condition that's so common amongst Aussie women - it's not really talked about. 

Iron deficiency is something that affects a whopping two in five women aged between 14 to 50 years of age, so it's definitely something that deserves more air time.

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So, we hit up Georgia to talk all about her diagnosis, how it affects her day-to-day life and what she does to stay on top of both her mental and physical health.

Georgia Love on her diagnosis...

Pop on your science beanie for a tick, friend. We just want to give you a quick rundown on what iron deficiency actually is - 'cause if you're anything like us, you've heard of it a bunch of times, but know very little about what it actually is.

Basically, iron is an important mineral that's involved in a huge range of bodily functions - so if you're like Georgia and you're not getting enough of it, it can cause some serious havoc to your health and wellbeing.

Iron deficiency can result in things like chronic exhaustion, dizziness, poor concentration, shortness of breath and an inability to think clearly. 

Sounds 10/10 scary, right?

"I noticed I was getting run down and sick a lot of the time in and around 2017," said Georgia. 

"My life was crazy, and I had no routine at the time so I very much put it down to that. I was constantly tired, couldn't get myself out of bed in the mornings and getting every cold and virus that would go around."


Georgia said it was only after feeling consistently tired, sick and rundown, that she knew something was up.

"When I got sick for about the eighth time in six months, I knew I couldn't keep going on like this and wondered if something else was at play," she said. 

While there may have been different signs and symptoms along the way, Georgia said her impending health diagnosis was something she never expected.

"I went to my GP, and she took my bloods - it turns out I was iron deficient. That immediately explained the constant lethargy."

Georgia Love on how she got her iron levels back in check...

So, what actually happens after you get diagnosed with iron deficiency? Does it just mean you need to switch up your diet.... orrr? 

Well, after her diagnosis, Georgia found out her levels were low enough that she needed an iron infusion rather than just going on tablets or iron supplements.

"Because my levels were so low, the doctor said the quick infusion would significantly help boost my levels back quickly, which it did. I felt almost instantly better!"

Since her infusion, Georgia said she has also upped it on the red meat front and has started taking an iron supplement to help keep her levels in check.

"I was told I should take a daily iron supplement from then on to keep my iron at a healthy level and was recommended Ferrograd-C. I've been taking this supplement ever since (under the guidance of my doctor) and have never had any issues with my iron levels again. I'm honestly like a new person!"

Georgia Love on her approach to exercise and fitness...

While she says every week is different, when it comes to her exercise routine, Georgia said this is something she prioritises in order to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

And judging from her Instagram, it looks like she's no stranger to conquering the ol' 10k marathon (no biggie), not to mention a slew of F45 classes.

"I'm very much a believer in a healthy body, healthy mind, and vice versa," said Georgia. "I enjoy exercise and try to do some form five days a week - a mix of pilates, boxing and running." 

"Keeping fit and exercising helps clear my mind and helps me sleep well, and I believe these work in tandem to make me feel healthier all over."

Her key to staying consistent? Always knowing when to give her body some rest.

"I will always listen to my body though and if I feel tired, I will let myself rest. I think our body talks to us very clearly about what it wants and needs and we should listen to it."

Georgia Love on treatments that help her unwind...

"I love myotherapy. Because of the amount of pilates and boxing I do, my muscles get really sore and my history of ballet dancing has made my hips hate me now that I'm a bit later in life!"

Wait. Myo- what?

"Myotherapy helps release my sore muscles, fix old hip issues and makes sure everything is working properly and means I will more easily avoid injury. It can be super painful, but good pain!"

So, it's basically a form of physical therapy that helps treat pain caused by injuries or any kind of issues with your muscles or soft tissue. Sounds pretty good tbh.

"I also love just going for a big long walk to flush out my muscles and unwind."

On how she boosts her mental health during stressful times...

"My favourite way to relax and switch off my mind is reading," said Georgia. "When you're reading, you can't get distracted by your phone, or have another conversation, or think about work."

Georgia's spitting some hard facts here, friends. So take note.

According to a whole heap of studies and research, reading a book can actually boost your mental health. So yeah - you should *definitely* consider hitting up a bookstore more often.

"Getting lost in a book really switches off my mind to the rest of the world and my day," she said.

To wind down and de-stress, she said she also likes to write down her daily gratitudes every night and fall asleep listening to a gratitude meditation. Dreamy.

Georgia Love on other health and wellness practices that are part of her daily routine...

As well as staying on top of her iron levels, Georgia said she likes to make sure her protein levels are kept in good check - especially when she's exercising on the regular.

"I do love taking a protein after my exercise - I'm obsessed with Bondi Protein Co's Slim It powder or their vegan protein bars. I've noticed a huge difference since using protein straight after exercise in my recovery and general health." 

"When I started going to the gym more regularly, I'd get really sore and too tired to train again the next day but protein helps with recovery and also means you don't get that ravenous hunger an hour after a workout!"

"I'm also a huge advocate for getting a proper night's sleep every night. Sleep and rest are just as important as exercise and again, I think if your body is telling you you need rest... rest!"

Hear, hear.

What are some things you like to do to up your physical and mental health? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: @georgialove

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