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mamamia-user-893622181 November 25, 2021

Unfortunately they crossed the line long ago. If they were halfway genuine they'd be calling unhealthy behaviours out the minute they happen. 

mamamia-user-893622181 November 20, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 it read to me as lovebombing which can be an indicator of abusive behaviours including ghosting (which happened quickly in this instance as opposed to a fully fledged relationship).

mamamia-user-893622181 November 16, 2021

Some people raised interesting points here but I've got to say that it makes me very uncomfortable and could easily be abused.

mamamia-user-893622181 November 11, 2021

We foster and really hope that this show turns more people onto rescues. So many beautiful animals are put down each day, simply because they don't have a home. Meanwhile, we keep breeding.

mamamia-user-893622181 November 5, 2021

I am so glad that people are starting to recognise domestic and family violence as more than physical violence. I sincerely hope legislation follows 

mamamia-user-893622181 November 4, 2021

@grumpier monster I understand. I have up trying to reach consensus with group outings a while ago. I let people know the time and place and if they can't make it I arrange a one-on-one catch up. Good luck, it's been a stressful couple of years for everyone and organising catch ups is tricky at the best of times

mamamia-user-893622181 November 3, 2021

@cat it depends where you're living. Some areas will always have a premium price because of the location (ie coast). Being realistic about what you can pay for a mortgage has to come into it too and that may involve needing to be creative about how you get a foot in the door

mamamia-user-893622181 November 2, 2021

@grumpier monster I hope your mental health has improved. It sounds as if your friend is struggling too. Perhaps extend the invite anyway. She may not make it but at least she knows you're thinking of her

mamamia-user-893622181 November 2, 2021

@LHurls if you don't mind answering, how long ago did you purchase, what was your salary and how much was your house? The gap between salary and house prices is enormous atm. Wage growth has stagnated whereas housing prices have not. A lot are going to be in a precarious position when rates go up. Meanwhile, in regional areas around me prices have gone up significantly in the last year (we would get $300k more than what we purchased for 4 years ago whereas our salaries haven't changed).

mamamia-user-893622181 November 2, 2021

@cat there is some merit to making adjustments if you're in a position to do so but I also agree with your point that buying a house now is harder than ever. People seem to forget that the price of a house relative to a wage is far greater. My parents bought their house for $74,000 30 years ago. I earn the same money now as what my dad did when they purchased but to buy the same house I would need $1,700,000. I wound up buying further out and spending 20-25 hrs a week commuting which wasn't feasible. I'm now interstate and regional, and lucky enough to work from home.

mamamia-user-893622181 November 2, 2021

At the end of the day the data shows many are already stretched with mortgage repayments. Once interest rates go up there will be some who have no choice other than to sell, potentially for less than the inflated prices we're seeing now. Prices will likely drop and more housing will become available as the rates increase. The RBA has already flagged that an increase may happen sooner than what they said because of the buying frenzy. Now isn't a good time to leap unless you are willing to move or invest regionally (where prices are also going up!)

mamamia-user-893622181 November 2, 2021

@rush that's certainly what's happening in QLD (city and regions) as a result of interstate moves but I don't know what the solution to this is

mamamia-user-893622181 November 2, 2021

Agree 100% on the cheese - ditto ham and tuna that comes whipped out of a can! I also couldn't get over how much was fried and the massive portion sizes. I ordered breakfast at Denny's and six full plates came out. SIX. 

Peanut butter and jam is however amazing.

mamamia-user-893622181 October 28, 2021

I agree bullying is difficult but unfortunately it's not restricted to physical premises anymore. Technology means it can and often is 24/7. Schools, parents, workplaces and the wider community need to work together to educate and model healthy behaviours. From what I've read here, you'll be a great mum. You may not be able to protect them from everything but you'll give them the skills and confidence to speak up and walk away when a situation isn't doing them justice.

mamamia-user-893622181 October 24, 2021

It's also important that wages and conditions are in line with industry standards - not just where Covid is concerned. I live in a regional area and have also worked in sectors dealing with ag workers. Unfortunately there is a lot of exploitation - it's deterred me from working in the sector. The sector and govt need to work together to weed out bad apples (puns intended) and provide incentives for people to take the jobs. The lifestyle can be fantastic and there are many regional areas that have been hit hard by COVID, drought, etc that would love some new faces to help them grow and boost the local economy.

mamamia-user-893622181 October 16, 2021

Unfortunately I don't think it's related to sporting. When men cheat, women are asked why - did they let themselves go, focus on the kids too much, not provide enough sex, etc

mamamia-user-893622181 October 3, 2021

Legitimate question - I don't understand why you need to use multiple face oils if you find one that works? Don't they all help with hydration?

mamamia-user-893622181 September 28, 2021

Beautifully written. I hope it makes people think about the impact and wider implications of casual racism

mamamia-user-893622181 September 27, 2021

Some shockers here. My worst was with an ex - first time I met the in-laws they discussed marrying him to his step sister for a visa, in front of me, and he didn't stick up for me. I should have run then 

mamamia-user-893622181 September 21, 2021

Can we please stop trashing the Badger for not picking someone? Not picking someone was better than doing so only to break up weeks later