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mamamia-user-893622181 July 21, 2024

Legit question - how much time do these people have to get ready?

mamamia-user-893622181 June 26, 2024

The Netflix series is a great insight into how little value is placed on the women. Based off online commentary, many others feel the same. I’m hoping that there’s positive action in the aftermath. 

mamamia-user-893622181 June 24, 2024

Holy heck, almost through this and it’s been a ride. I can’t believe how unhealthy the environment is and how undervalued the women are. 

mamamia-user-893622181 June 21, 2024

@gu3st pootastic puns

mamamia-user-893622181 June 20, 2024

Making a polluted space worse is the kind of statement that will turn people against you

mamamia-user-893622181 June 19, 2024

Not sure if you’ve read the book but the lack of intimacy reflects what happens to Penelope- Colin is horrible and she is isolated and alone 

mamamia-user-893622181 June 15, 2024

He says he doesn’t give gifts because actions are more important. Please look at his actions and ignore his words - he’s giving others gifts and accepting yours but giving nothing in return. You deserve someone who puts thought into making you feel special 

mamamia-user-893622181 June 10, 2024

You still get the questions when you’re in a relationship. Lots of people I know believe you can’t have friends of the opposite sex if you’re in a relationship. I have very close male and female friends - the best way to make a good friend is to remove gender from the equation. Look for common interests, etc and be clear with boundaries (friendship only).

mamamia-user-893622181 June 6, 2024

Returning your trolley is a basic courtesy. If you don’t return it, you’re only creating more work for other people - their time and energy is no less important than yours.

mamamia-user-893622181 April 7, 2024

Can we just call dupes what they are? They’re cheap copies of expensive products. 

mamamia-user-893622181 March 22, 2024

@chrissyinthemiddle from a hygiene perspective I’m not comfortable with anyone’s bare butt being out (aside from swimming)

mamamia-user-893622181 March 20, 2024

@rush I don’t know how she hasn’t been arrested for public indecency- literally nothing has been covered by some outfits

mamamia-user-893622181 March 13, 2024

@hallovey you can’t be a feminist and a tradwife because tradwives believe women shouldn’t have roles outside of the family and home. Roles are clearly defined and shouldn’t be altered. Feminists believe women should have choice about the roles and balance they want in their life

mamamia-user-893622181 February 24, 2024

@gu3st ha ha, I’d believe it!

mamamia-user-893622181 February 23, 2024

The quiz just generates an error message 

mamamia-user-893622181 February 22, 2024

@guest user agree, the Ticketek system needs an overhaul. Previously you knew that if you were on early, you had a chance. The random lottery they have now doesn’t work.

mamamia-user-893622181 January 16, 2024

If it’s your house, buy and do whatever will make you happy! So many people do stuff for social media clout now and their homes are devoid of anything personal

mamamia-user-893622181 January 2, 2024

None of these people are in or were in happy relationships. 

mamamia-user-893622181 December 9, 2023

My friend’s wife cheated with an engaged guy and my friend asked if he should tell the guy’s partner. I told him it was one thing to walk down the aisle with the knowledge, it was another not to - and significantly harder once they were legally bound. She broke it off. Friends of mine were present when my ex cheated and even went back to the apartment where her husband discovered them in bed. We’re no longer friends. You either have ethics or you don’t. 

mamamia-user-893622181 November 20, 2023

My nephew has a doll and stroller and happily breastfeed it while mum was feeding his sister. Toys are directed to genders but I think (hope) more parents are overriding gendered expectations with their kids