Georgia Love wore the same dress as the Australian Open staff to interview Anna Wintour.

When Georgia Love was assigned to interview Vogue editor Anna Wintour at the Australian Open, she knew this was an important fashion moment.

So the Channel Ten journalist and former Bachelorette spent “hours” choosing her outfit in an attempt to nail the elusive balance of summery, yet professional, yet fashionable.

And she thought she’d done pretty well – until she arrived and looked around the room.

That’s when the 30-year-old realised she was wearing a very similar blue shirt-dress to the staff at the event.


The pun-lover laughed about the fashion fail on Instagram, sharing a photo of her with several staff members and captioning the image with The Devil Wears Prada references. (The film’s main character Miranda Priestly is said to be based on Anna Wintour.)

“When you spend literally hours choosing what to wear to interview The Queen (Anna Wintour) to then turn up and find you’re DRESSED THE SAME AS THE STAFF,” she wrote, adding the hashtags “#stripesforsummer #groundbreaking #didyoufalldownandsmackyourlittleheadonthepavement”.

But at least the interview appeared to go well, with Love sharing a short clip of the interview, which she labelled a career-making milestone.


This isn’t the first time the media personality has shown up to an event wearing the same thing as someone else there.

On New Year’s Day, she shared a photo to Instagram of her and her best friend at the same exclusive party in St Kilda wearing the exact same dress. Even their shoes were near-identical, if not the exact same brand.


At least both times she looked gorgeous.

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