We finally know what Anna Wintour really thought about Meghan Markle's wedding dress.

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It turns out Anna Wintour has a soft soft for Meghan Markle.

The longtime Vogue editor-in-chief has finally shared what she thought about the Duchess of Sussex’s stunning wedding dress.

In a new Vogue video series called ‘Go Ask Anna’, the famous editor answered questions from strangers – including one about Meghan.

“I think she’s amazing,” Wintour responded.

“The royal wedding had the whole world watching,” she added. “I think that her [wedding dress] choice was brilliant. It was sophisticated, it was chic, it was grown up. It was an English designer, albeit one that was working for a French house, which in a way was a message to the world: ‘Yes, I’m from somewhere else, but I belong’.”

Wintour also praised Meghan in the interview for her decision to walk down the aisle herself.

On her wedding day back in May, the Duchess wore a boat neck, silk long sleeve gown designed by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy which has quickly became one of the most talked about wedding dresses of all time.

Although it was speculated that Meghan would wear Princess Diana’s tiara, she instead wore one loaned to her by the Queen.

The 37-year-old later changed into a Stella McCartney gown for the wedding reception.

Wintour also responded to the recent rumours surrounding Meghan and her supposed ‘diva’ behaviour.


You can watch Anna Wintour’s full Q&A with Vogue here. Post continues below…

“I read somewhere there were members of the royal household that were confused and upset that she woke up so early at 5.00am – she’s a normal California girl [who] gets up early and does yoga and meditates – and also sent a lot of text messages,” she said.

“I mean, what do they expect – that she was going to send messages via pigeon? So, I think she’s amazing,” she added.

“I think the two duchesses, the young duchesses that they have in Britain – the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex – are going to keep the royal family afloat quite frankly.”

Us too, Anna, us too.

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