The painful reason Georgia Love spent New Year's Eve in hospital.


There are few places less glamorous to spend New Year’s Eve than a hospital emergency room. But that’s exactly where Georgia Love and Lee Elliott rang in 2019 after an unfortunate mishap with sparklers.

Georgia shared on Instagram that she and Lee had ended up in Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital after the mechanical plumber burned his hand while holding a bunch of lit sparklers.

Clearly not to fazed by her 37-year-old beau’s accident and ready to make light, Georgia wrote next to a photo of a smiling, bandaged Lee: “Happy New Year from emergency! Don’t hold a bunch of sparklers and light them all at once, kids!”

The couple had been spending the night at the much more fitting location of
The Prince Hotel in the seaside Melbourne suburb of St Kilda.

And something tells us alcohol may have been involved when Lee decided to take on an internet challenge where a person holds 100 sparklers and lights them at once.


Georgia may have been hoping that her hospitalisation earlier last month to correct her vocal cords would be the last time she’d visit those clinical halls for the year. Alas.

In early December, the 30-year-old shared that, after ignoring symptoms for a year, she discovered she had “developed some quite serious issues with [her] vocal cords”.

“[I] have caused pretty nasty damage by pushing through, resulting in the need for surgery with a long and arduous recovery,” she wrote on Instagram.

She finished the post with a message to followers: “This is my public service announcement not to ignore anything you think may be wrong.

“You know your body and if something doesn’t feel right. Your health should always be paramount, no matter what.”

Lee’s lesson from 2018, meanwhile? Don’t mess with sparklers.