This deleted scene from The Devil Wears Prada shows Miranda Priestly isn't who we thought.

In addition to the incredible insight into the fashion industry and the oh-so-drool-worthy outfits, The Devil Wears Prada offered us something truly unique that few films do these days, and that was the right to hate those horrible, soul-destroying bosses we’ve all had at one point or another and not feel bad for it.

Because as the title suggests, Miranda Priestly was so bad, so uncaring, so cold that she was the Devil. Except according to a deleted scene that’s surfaced this week, she might not have been the ruler of the underworld that we’d all written her off to be.


devil wears prada deleted scene
Andy is everything. Source: Screenshot/Devil Wears Prada/Fox 2000 Pictures.

The scene, which was shared by Buzzfeed writer Spencer Althouse earlier this week, shows the Ice Queen that is Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) schmoozing and chatting to the guests of her annual gala (A.K.A the Met Ball) when her husband walks in drunk and behaving rudely. He insults Miranda's boss and, well, very clearly needs to get into one of the countless limousines outside and go home via a McDonalds.

Proving herself to be the consummate assistant, Andy (Anne Hathaway) sweeps in and starts a conversation with Miranda's boss, distracting him from the hot mess that is Miranda's umpteenth husband.

From across the room, Miranda looks to Andy before mouthing, "thank you."

Um, what?

Miranda Priestly does NOT say thank you. Especially to an assistant. She also definitely does not permit her loose AF husband out of their Upper East Side townhouse. Or then leave the midst of her own party to deal with him.

Honestly, it's a good thing that this scene was deleted because if it hadn't been, hating Miranda would be hard. Awkward even. Hell, we'd probably think Andy was a bit of a selfish corporate climber for leaving her boss at such a flunky time in her life.

Without it, though, the film is just perfect. So much so that 11 years on from its initial release, we still love it as much as ever.