Gen Z don't want to be influencers. These are top 10 jobs they *actually* want.

It's easy to assume that Gen Zers are looking for 'easier' or 'simpler' ways to make a shed load of money, by following in the footsteps of the likes of YouTubers-turned-boxers Logan and Jake Paul, or celebrities with beauty or merch brands. 

But the new generation of workers want to follow career paths that might actually surprise older generations.

Turns out, they want to work in more traditional fields like education, psychology, law, medicine and the armed forces.

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This is all based on After the ATAR, a national survey conducted by Year 13, an organisation that looks to help young people make their post-school choices. And the research tells us that young people want steady, full-time careers with a clear path to upward career progression. 

The top 10 careers that Australians aged 15 to 24 say they're most interested in are, for the most part, fairly 'traditional' – apart from digital marketing, which took the fourth spot and is considered a newer occupation in 2023.


Year13 co-founder Saxon Phipps told the Daily Telegraph that it was reassuring to see that professions like teaching, healthcare and engineering were popular career choices. Every single one of these jobs is currently facing a skills shortage, particularly the education sector, where there is a teacher shortage "crisis", according to Education Minister Jason Clare.

Reports suggest that there will be a shortfall of about 4,000 high school teachers by 2025 and it will be worse in rural areas – so it's a good thing Gen Z are coming through.

Interestingly, no tech careers appeared on the list.

Phipps said the Future Skills Organisation predicted more than half a million additional tech workers will be needed by 2030.

"It’s an obvious area where a pressing skills gap lies as digital skills are now needed in just about every industry there is, from agriculture to mining, and not just in tech companies like Microsoft and Google," Phipps told the Daily Telegraph.

What also wasn't on the list of most coveted jobs for Gen Zs were careers in farming, mining, retail and to a lesser extent, trades, which are all areas that could also see workforce shortages.

Here are the top 10 jobs that Gen Zs actually want, according to the research:

1. Mental health therapist.

2. Teacher.

3. Medical doctor.

4. Digital marketer.

5. Engineer.

6. Scientist.

7. Musician.

8. Lawyer.

9. Advertiser/marketer.

10. Defence force.

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