‘I can confirm, this is the only hack you need to stop makeup rubbing onto your collar.'

We all know the feeling of finishing up our makeup, curling our hair, putting on a stunning white outfit, only to look in the mirror and see that we’ve rubbed half our foundation onto our clothes.

It’s devastating, and no matter how hard you try, the only way to get rid of those dreaded stains is to throw the entire outfit in the wash - and as if anyone has time for that!

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As someone whose entire wardrobe consists of white and light-coloured clothing, I’ve tried everything. I’ve worn the outfit before doing my makeup (which turned into a disaster after I dropped powder all over me), I’ve placed tissues around the neckline before pulling it over my head and I’ve even covered my face with my hair to help create a barrier between my face and the collar.

And while it helped, it didn’t completely eliminate the problem. I also found that it didn’t matter if I came out clean after putting on my clothes, because throughout the day my makeup would transfer onto the inside of my collar anyway.

I had pretty much resigned to a life of foundation-covered clothing until I came across Mia Freedman’s Instagram video, where she spoke about spraying hairspray on her clothes to stop her makeup from transferring.


Immediately my ears perked up. You mean to tell me I can wear light clothes without looking like I hugged Donald Trump!? Count me in.

I jumped off my bed, ran to my beauty stash and pulled out my giant can of hairspray because it was time to get to work.

What is the hairspray hack?

@rachynugent Seen this on Olivia jade Atwood stories !! Wish I knew this trick sooner 🥲 #fyp #fypage #oliviajadeattwood #tiktok ♬ original sound - Rachel Nugent

Hacks can often be a huge hit or a terrible miss, and the latter usually happens when the instructions are far too complicated.

Hacks are meant to make your life easier, not more difficult - and thankfully, this one is as simple as they come.


All you need to do is spray hairspray onto the inside of your collar, let it dry, and then pop it on. The hairspray is meant to create a thin film on the shirt, leaving a barrier between your skin and the clothes.

That’s it!

Who knew hairspray was such a hardworking beauty product? Perfect for flyaways, humidity and keeping your whites clean.

But while it sounds straightforward, I wanted to know if it works, so I put it to the test.

Here are my thoughts.

I won’t sugarcoat my words: I doubted this hack would work. It was just way too good to be true, but also, hairspray stinks and is notoriously sticky.

Sure, I didn’t want makeup all over my clothes, but I also didn’t want to smell like rubbing alcohol throughout the day.

But I was desperate - and curious - so I dived straight in.

The left side is without hairspray, and the right side is with hairspray. Image: Supplied.


I thought the best way to see if it does anything is to spray one half of my shirt collar with hairspray and leave the other one completely product-free. I then wore the top to work, spent all morning and afternoon in it (on a 40-degree day might I add) and came home to see the results.

That's a lie. I came home, took a long nap in the shirt and then I had a look to see if it worked.

*Drum roll, please*

It worked. It freaking worked! The hairsprayed half had zero traces of makeup, while the other side had slight foundation stains.

The side I didn't hairspray had a slight foundation stain on it, as opposed to the right side, which I did hairspray. Image: Supplied.


I looked at it from every angle, and really close up to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me - which is entirely possible considering I don’t wear my glasses.

But nope, the results were as clear as day. 

As for the feel and smell of the hairspray, the scent did not linger, and I could only smell it for a few minutes before it evaporated.

It also didn’t leave my clothes sticky or stiff, so hooray! 

Are there any drawbacks to spraying hairspray on your clothes?

Not really no. I would, however, spray a small amount rather than using up half the bottle. Not only will it help your product last longer, but I imagine it would leave your collar standing straight up if you went to town on it.

Finally, do I think you should try it? Abso-freaking-lutely. Not only is it easy and affordable, but it works so well and keeps your bright clothes looking fresh and new.

Feature Image: Supplied.

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