The only 7 pairs of shoes you need in your wardrobe.

Most people sit in one of two camps: Either you collect shoes as if your entire life depends on it, scared that if you don't buy that feathery pair of sky-high stilettos, then everything around you will come crumbling down.

Or, you own two pairs that are falling apart at the seams. 

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Whatever side you belong on, just know that this is a judgement-free zone. It has to be, because I'm still haunted by 17-year-old me who spent her life savings on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots with giant studs at the back of them.

I had convinced myself that I was going to wear them every single day, and that they'd go with everything.

I wore them once. 

This is them...

The shoes my teenage self thought I was going to be wearing all the time. Image: Jeffrey Campbell.


Now, at 28, I make more practical choices, not just for the sake of my feet, but also because my wardrobe doesn't need 25 pairs of shoes that I won't get any wear out of.

In fact, I'm a strong believer that everyone can narrow down their selection to just seven. Yep, just seven pairs of shoes that are practical, easy to style and save you from those what-to-wear moments when you're getting ready in the morning. 

Here's the only styles you need in your closet: 

1. Sneakers.

You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't own a pair of sneakers. Image: Getty.


This one is a no-brainer, but sneakers

Over the years, sneaker styles have evolved. We went from Converse High-Tops, to Nike Air Maxes. Now, it's all about the slim and streamlined Adidas Gazelle.

 At the end of the day, however, don't buy into trends - instead, choose a shoe that works with your wardrobe and suits your lifestyle. 

We recommend:

Adidas Gazelle, $170.

Image: Adidas, The Iconic.


Vans SK8-Low, $87.95.

Image: Vans, The Iconic.


Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66, $200.

Image: Onitsuka Tiger, The Iconic.


New Balance 327 Standard Fit, $160.

Image: New Balance, The Iconic.

2. Loafers.

There's a reason loafers have stood the test of time. Image: Getty.


My absolute favourite style of shoe is the classic loafer. There's a reason the loafer has lasted decades, and that's because it has a timeless look and feel to it. 

You can wear them easily to work, or pair them with a cute black midi dress if you're heading for brunch. Just be sure to break them in around the house before taking them for a test run, because loafers can be notoriously uncomfortable when you first buy them. But I promise it's worth it. 

We recommend:

Forcast Dayana Leather Loafer, $149.99.

Image: Forcast, The Iconic.


Billini Ryker, $79.95.

Image: Billini, The Iconic.


SPURR Sabinah Loafers Wide Fit, $49.99.

Image: SPURR, The Iconic.


Sandler Paragon, $159.95.

Image: Sandler, The Iconic.

3. Nude pumps.

Nothing dresses up an outfit than a good pair of nude pumps - just make sure they match your skin tone. Image: Getty.


Every woman should own a nude pair of pumps - preferably ones that match your skin tone, which, as a brown gal, I know can be tricky to find. These are going to become your best friend when you have somewhere special to go, whether it be a wedding or a fancy dinner. 

I'm not going to sit here and claim that these are comfortable or good for your feet, but they are nice to have on hand when you feel like dressing up and they go with everything. And I mean everything. 


We recommend:

Nine West Tatiana, $189.95.

Image: Nine West, The Iconic.

Sandler Octavia, $149.95.

Image: Sandler, The Iconic.


Vybe Etta, $50.

Image: Vybe, The Iconic.


Siren Anabelle, $169.95.

Image: Siren, The Iconic.

4. Black pumps.

Definitely invest in a pair of solid black pumps, but choose a heel height that suits your lifestyle. Image: Getty.


Come on, you knew this was coming. Ever since I saw Sandra Bullock rocking a pair of black patent Christian Louboutin stilettos in The Proposal, I knew why these were considered a closet staple. 

You don't have to go with a super high heel. In fact, I actually prefer a kitten heel as they're easier to walk in, while still looking chic.

We recommend:

Wildfire Lottie, $50.

Image: Wildfire, The Iconic.


Novo Icecream, $69.95.

Image: Novo, The Iconic.


& Other Stories Soft Bow Satin Pumps, $199.

& Other Stories, The Iconic.


Steve Madden Evelyn, $179.95.

Image: Steve Madden, The Iconic.

4. Boots.

I personally prefer a longer boot, but you can definitely go with an ankle boot as well. Image: Getty.


Sure, they look great with knit dresses and duster coats, but they also serve a purpose: To keep your toes from falling off in the depths of winter. Personally, I enjoy a longer boot with a slight heel, but ankle boots are great too if you want something that won't restrict your calves. 

If your wardrobe is full of light, airy colours then opt for a brown or tan boot, but if you wear darker, more moody shades then go with classic black.

We recommend:

Verali Harper, $89.95.

Image: Verali, The Iconic.


Wittner Pammie Leather Block Heel Ankle Boots, $280.

Image: Wittner, The Iconic.


Easy Steps Junction, $299.95.

Image: Easy Steps, The Iconic.


Novo Octavia Boots, $149.95.

Image: Novo, MYER.

6. Sandals.

Sandals aren't just a must-have for summer. Believe it or not, they can be worn all year round. Image: Getty.


They're a summer staple for good reason. They're dressy enough to be worn with slip dresses and comfortable enough to be worn when walking long distances. 

There's so many options, but if you choose a pair in a neutral colour to match your wardrobe you'll be able to wear them until they practically disintegrate under your feet. 

We recommend:

Billini Baxton, $79.95.

Image: Billini.


Kmart Gladiator Footbed Sandals, $18.

Image: Kmart.


AERE Leather Buckle Sandals, $140.

Image: AERE, The Iconic.


TWOOBS The OG, $129.

Image: TWOOBS.

7. Slides.

Purposeful yet easy to wear. What more could you want? Image: Getty.


Slides are sandals' younger, lazier sister. But don't be fooled, because she still serves a purpose. 

You know those days when you just cannot be bothered doing up a bunch of straps? (Always).  

Whether you go for an ergonomically friendly style like the Birkenstock, or you choose a more fashion-forward pair, slides are an essential.

We recommend:

Billini Theon, $89.95.

Image: Billini.


S by Sempre Di Flinder Slides, $189.

Image: S by Sempre Di, The Iconic.


Target Double Buckle Slides, $40.

Image: Target.


Birkenstock Arizona, $184.

Image: Birkenstock.

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Featured Image: Billini/Instagram @mrnghr.