You only need these 8 pieces in your wardrobe.

There's a lot of chatter in the beauty world about establishing a skincare routine.

Getting your regime down to a handful of products can take years of refinement. But when you find the ones that really do the job, you tend to stick to them. And any new products you introduce are just there to complement or enhance your existing routine - right?

Well, it's the same with your wardrobe - or it could be. 

What if you could pull outfits together in a series of steps you repeat each day, rather than labouring over the decision every morning?

That's the premise of the capsule wardrobe - that by investing in the right pieces, you can create multiple outfits and never end up without something to wear.

Quick! Have a watch of one of the funniest fashion crimes - festival chaps. Post continues after video.

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I've been a fashion writer for 12 years, and after seeing countless trends come and go (peplum tops! Bubble skirts!) I stand firm in my opinion that these are the pieces that never - ever - go out of style.

(Important caveat: this does not mean you can't buy anything new. You might add a trend piece or two every season to top up your wardrobe - but the idea is that those cute additions will always work back with your building blocks.)


If the sight of your wardrobe (or floordrobe, or that chair in the corner of your room that's no longer for sitting in) fills you with dread, this is for you.

1. A white T-shirt.

A good quality white tee won't cost you much - I love Assembly Label for a luxe option that's still under $50, and if I want something cheap and cheerful, I'll head to Uniqlo or Cotton On. A linen-blend tee can feel more dressy than cotton, and it's the ideal piece to pair back with skirts or jeans.


2. A blazer.

I won't be too prescriptive here, because blazers come in just about every silhouette and shade under the sun, but you can't go wrong with a classic, black, slightly oversized cut (neutrals like beige and grey have the same appeal). For an affordable blazer of decent quality, try Zara, Mango or Sheike.



3. That dress you love.

In the magazine days of old, the go-to dress was an 'LBD' (little black dress) but the concept has evolved. Think of this as that dress you know you can throw on and feel chic and comfortable at a moment's notice. It might be black, but it also might have a bold splashy print that makes you feel fabulous.


4. White sneakers.

As Jane Austen once wrote, a pair of plain white sneakers will take you everywhere. Or something like that. Classic white canvas or leather sneakers are a staple for almost all occasions, and go just as well with a blazer and jeans as the aforementioned Dress You Love.


5. A dressy-enough jumper.

It might be a cosy grey marle sweater, or a simple navy cashmere knit - but that jumper you always wear in winter is your favourite for a reason. A tidy sweater can dress up a maxi-skirt or dress down leather pants; as long as it's quality, it'll go the distance for years. IMO, Uniqlo does the best ones (hot tip: check out the men's section if you like yours oversized.) The Curated also have great, effortless knits that are a bit more of an investment.



6. Sandals that do double duty.

I'm a firm believer in flats. Heel styles and lengths come and go, but a stylish pair of sandals won't date. And again, they can make a fancy outfit feel more casual, or a really casual outfit feel more elevated. 

A-Emery do simple and fashionable leather flats, while Witchery and Country Road always have neutral sandals in the mix. Invest in a quality pair and you won't regret it.


7. A midi skirt.

You've got your tee and your shoes, but what about the piece that slides in between? Enter the midi skirt. Unlike mini's, which tend to come and go with seasons and trends, midis have become a perennially stylish piece you can wear year-round. I have linen, canvas and silk midi skirts I'm always defaulting to if I need a quick, polished look without the fuss.


8. "The" jeans.

You know the ones. The jeans that go with everything. The one pair you miss when they're in the wash.

For me, it's a pair of pale blue, straight leg, $20 jeans from Kmart. I even dedicated a post to The Jeans and inspired a bunch of other women to try them, too. In my quest for the perfect denim I've collected $300 jeans and $30 jeans, high-waisted and skinny and flared styles to boot - but what matters most isn't price or cut, it's whether you feel great in them. 


If your jeans are making you feel lousy, find another pair. Life's too short for crap jeans.

And that's where I'll leave you. Happy curating!

Feature image: Instagram @jessicaskye / @andicsinger