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An unexpected split and 'a big rock': The 6 biggest bombshells from the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion.

Grab yourself a drink and maybe some popcorn if you fancy, because the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion aired last night, and boy, was it interesting.

The reality dating show is meant to be as wholesome as they come, but this year, we had enough scandals to put MAFS to shame.

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There were breakup rumours, a walkout, and even speculation over whether one farmer was even a real farmer! It was messy, but we loved it.

Last night, the farmers and their chosen partners returned to the show to not only answer our burning questions but also to let us know whether their relationships survived off-camera.

Here are the biggest bombshells to come out of the reunion.

Farmer Joe and Sarah's relationship had a rough start.

The two initially didn't see eye to eye. Image: Channel 7.


Rumours have long plagued farmer Joe and Sarah's relationship, with sources claiming they called it quits after filming wrapped. Well, good news — they're still together! But they did admit to "butting heads" upon returning to the farm. 

"Instead of a high, it was like a sugar crash," he told his fellow castmates. 

"I can be very headstrong and very stubborn," he added. "I like to do things on my terms...that comes with me being single for three and a half years now."

Luckily, they're still "hanging in there". 


"Sarah's just shown time and time again the person she is deep down and it just reflects exactly what I've been looking for," Joe said. 

On moving to the farm, Sarah said it is on the cards.

"That is the goal, it always has been. I can see myself living down there and it's exciting to have those plans and be working towards the same goals," she said.

Farmer Todd and Daisy can see a wedding in their future.

Engagement announcement soon? Image: Channel 7.


Farmer Todd may have started the season late, but his relo with Daisy seems to be going from strength to strength, and we couldn't be happier for them!

"Finding love is a big risk and I guess I'm willing to take the risk with you Daisy," he told her when filming wrapped. 

Since then, the pair have been back and forth from the farm near Narrabri, NSW to Daisy's home in Townsville, Qld., moving her belongings. 

"Once I was back here after final decision it made sense that this is where I wanted to be and where I needed to be," she said. "We're still in our love bubble."

Despite a few "silly little fights" about what to eat or which restaurant to choose, the pair have been happy with their choice.

"It was a huge decision but a good decision. I think we both just came to terms with that we didn't want to do long distance," Daisy said.

And it seems wedding bells could soon be ringing for these two!

"I haven't got down on one knee yet but yeah we've both had a chat about it - marriage and kids - and starting that next chapter of our lives together," Todd said. 

"I’ll give him his family but he’s gotta give me a nice big rock," Daisy laughed.

We're bracing ourselves for an engagement announcement soon!


Farmer Dustin's cottage came as a huge surprise to Sophie.

Farmer Dustin needs to clean up his act (or more like his house). Image: Channel 7.

Here's something no one had on their bingo card. Farmer Dustin's cottage is a dump, which took Sophie completely by surprise. He even referred to it as a 'halfway house', and showcased his complete lack of wardrobe space (every girl's dream)!


Turns out, Dustin's house needs a lot of TLC to make it... well... liveable. His lack of any interior design flair caused a bit of a rift between the lovebirds at first. 

"We had a few days together and then we went our separate ways," said Dustin, adding that she definitely 'put the brakes on'. "Sophie's not over impressed by it."

Sophie then shared her side of the story, describing his place as a "boy's house". "I don't know if it would pass a health and safety inspection," she said.

But despite the mess of the fixer-upper home, the pair are still going strong.

"Sam, I think this farmer has found a wife," he said. 

"Very happy and still in love, and excited to see what the future holds," added Sophie. Aww.

Farmer Dean and Teegan have called it quits.

Sadly, these two couldn't make it work. Image: Channel 7.


In a shocking turn of events, loved-up couple Farmer Dean and Teegan are no longer! Things were going well at first, with Dean meeting Teegan's family and helping her move to the farm. 

"Our relationship, I reckon, is bloody amazing. It's so good coming home at night to someone who you love," Dean said when she first moved in. 

However, Teegan soon left the farm after realising how much time alone she'd have on the property. 

"Coming into the experience you expect a farmer to work a lot but I think my expectations were a little bit different to what it was," she said. 

"Not having Dean there a lot of the time was quite hard on myself, which I think then made our romantic relationship kind of fall apart a little bit."

Dean admits the split was a "bit of a shock" to him at first. 

"We still text each other and we still get along really well, like we're great friends out of it," he said. "There's something there that I still like about Teegan, for sure."


Farmer Bert may have started something up... with Caitlin.

Farmer Bert may have found love after all! Image: Channel 7.

Farmer Bert left Farmer Wants A Wife without choosing a lady, but it seems he's found a genuine connection with a fellow contestant from the show.

After filming wrapped, Bert went to the tackle shop where former flame Caitlin works. 


"Who knows what the future holds, you know, my heart's open and I do believe in right time, right place and right person," he said, adding there's a "chance" of them rekindling things. 

Asked if he thought love works in mysterious ways he said, "Sure does."

Bert has also since worked on his vulnerability and low-key "marriage" to the farm.

"I think all the girls did tell me that I hold my cards close to my chest. I didn't really realise how much that probably affects a relationship. Do I sort of hope that the outcome was different? Maybe."

Perhaps there's an epilogue for Farmer Bert and Caitlin yet to be written?

Farmer Tom is all about little romantic gestures and Sarah loves it.

Image: Channel 7


He may be a man of few words, but Farmer Tom is all about sweet gestures. After leaving the competition early with Sarah C by his side, the pair have gone from strength to strength. 

"You are the person that I do want a relationship [with] and I am falling in love with you," Farmer Tom told her when filming wrapped.

"I love being on the farm with Tom, it feels like home already," Sarah said at the reunion. "I feel really comfortable here and really sure that I want my future to be here."

For now, they are continuing long distance as she's still calling Western Australia home. She'll make the big move when the time is right.

In the meantime, Tom has set up a desk for her to do remote work at while at the farm. He even got her a little bound planner. How romantic!

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Feature Image: Channel 7.

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