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Which Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 couples are still together?

Australia's most successful dating show has officially kicked off, and no, we're not talking about The Bachelor.

It's Farmer Wants A Wife of course! This year, viewers were introduced to Farmer Dean, Farmer Tom, Farmer Dustin, Farmer Joe and Farmer Bert.

While season 14 has only been on air for just over three weeks, we can't wait to find out which Farmer Wants A Wife couples are still together for 2024.

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If you don't mind a spoiler (or two), then keep reading, because here's what we know about the couples from this year

Who does Farmer Dean end up with?


Farmer Dean joined the show hoping to find a love as enduring as his parents' 30-year marriage. However, in a surprising twist, he chose to cut his journey short.

The 25-year-old cattle and watermelon farmer from Queensland welcomed five women to his farm, but it was evident from the beginning that his heart belonged to Teegan. 

After professing his love for her, the couple made the bold decision to leave the show and pursue their relationship beyond the cameras.

Dean and Teegan are still together and here's hoping they go the distance. 

Who does Farmer Bert end up with?


Farmer Bert farms pineapple, pumpkin and dragonfruit, is 30 years old and comes from Warmuran, Queensland.

Bert is no stranger to catching the eye of the ladies. After feeling a strong connection with Karli during the speed dating rounds, he believed he had found "the one."

However, a clash between Karli and April caused Bert to have doubts, as he admitted he isn't a fan of drama. Now, it seems there's a new front-runner: 27-year-old disability support worker Caitlin.

As for whether Farmer Bert and Caitlin end up together, according to Daily Mail Australia, he walks off the show solo, but we'll just have to wait and see. 

Who does Farmer Dustin end up with?


A 26-year-old cattle and crop farmer from Condobolin, NSW, Farmer Dustin is hoping to find a wife and start a family before he hits 30.

After the speed dating round, five women caught his eye: Izzy, Sophie, Anna, Kara and Chloe, however, he ultimately bid farewell to Kara and Chloe.

While we're not sure who he falls in love with just yet, he has a strong connection with Sophie, so watch this space. 

Who does Farmer Joe end up with?


At 33, Bombala-based cattle and sheep farmer Joe is looking for someone who "knows what she wants".

Farmer Joe invited Chelsea, Keely, Sarah, Claire and Cayla to his farm, but later decided to send Chelsea home. 

It's currently too early to say who Joe ends up picking, but fans think he shares a special connection with Sarah.

Who does Farmer Tom end up with?


Farmer Tom is only 22 years old, but he's already looking to settle down. 

He's currently getting to know Taylah, Sarah C and Sarah A, but it's hard to deny that he's drawn to Sarah C the most. 

Will they end up together? We'll just have to wait and see.

When does Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 end?

The finale is still a while away with season 14 having just kicked off a few weeks ago. Channel 7 hasn't provided an official date yet, so stay tuned for any announcements or updates.

Feature Image: Channel 7.

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