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All the Farmer Wants a Wife couples who are still together. 

With another insane season of MAFS having just wrapped up, reality TV fans were desperate for some feel-good, wholesome love. 

In comes Farmer Wants a Wife

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The show, which kicked off its latest season on April 14, has the best success rate with people finding long-lasting love, resulting in marriage and multiple children.

Clearly, there's something in the water in rural Australia, so if you're having a hard time finding the right person out in the city, maybe it's time to make the move.

Watching sweet young isolated farmers fall in love is something this country loves to do, but what’s even better than watching them fall in love? Knowing it lasted.

So here's our list of Farmer Wants a Wife couples who are still together and a bit about what they're up to now.

Chris Newsome and Kim Tierney.

Season one kicked off the show right in 2007 when Farmer Chris Newsome from Tamworth found love with Kim Tierney. The pair became the show’s first couple to get married and their wedding was even filmed for the second season of the show.


"From day one, it was amazing how we connected... I'm quite slow to open up to people and warm to people," Chris told Woman's Day.

"Sometimes I'm a bit standoffish until I get to know someone, but when I met Kim I felt like I'd known her for ages."

Not only has their relationship lasted 17 years, they also share a son and a daughter together; Corbin and Charlotte.

Image: Facebook


Rob Hodges and Jo Fincham.

Season two brought beef and sheep farmer Rob Hodges from Mount Gambier to our screens as he fell hard for city girl Jo Fincham. 

The pair met on the show in 2008, tied the knot in 2010 and had three kids together; Darcy, Maggie and Roy. 

"I never thought in a million years that I would spend my days living on a farm and have three children," Jo told New Idea. 

"But now, I just couldn’t live back in the city; there’s no way I could adjust back to city living."

Now Jo's a yoga and pilates instructor and runs a health and well-being studio in Mount Gambier called The Nourish Nook.

Image: Instagram @jofincham


Damian Atkins and Rachael Peynenborg.

Damian and Rachael had a fairytale experience on the show in 2009. The chemistry was immediate at the start of the third season and the couple now have three kids. 

Their first, Harvey, was born in 2011 after some complications with Jo needing an emergency C-section, according to Digital Spy. 

She said: "He was a larger baby... and he got stuck on the way out. I ended up having an emergency caesarean.

"In an emergency, I'd always want him [Damien] there... I think it was scarier at the time for Damian than for me."

The couple married in 2016, before having two more kids, Fin and Mae. 

Together they run several beef cattle farms. 

"We're doing great," Damian told Woman's Day, "Just trying to juggle our businesses, farms and our three crazy kids."

Image: Channel Nine


Scott Warby and Clare Spark.

Farmer Scott Warby and Clare Spark found love in the show's fourth season in 2009.

At first they committed to a long distance relationship, meeting up every second weekend for nine months before Scott popped the question.

The pair now have two children, Elsie and Fraser, and live in Mungindi. 

They've been married for over a decade. Speaking to TV WEEK, Clare said, "Scott is very romantic... He always brings me wildflowers from the paddock and takes me on little getaways."

Clare also revealed that their children know how she and Scott met and think it's "hilarious". 


Image: Facebook

Brad Crane and Stacie Marmion.

Another Season four couple has lasted the test of time. Lithgow cattle farmer Brad Crane has admitted in the past that he only applied for the show for fun and didn't have any expectations and yet it was there he met Stacie Marmion.

It was love at first sight, with Brad saying to Women's Day at the time: "I remember telling the producer, 'I am going to marry that girl', and he turned and said, 'Not yet, we have another 10 shows to go first.'"


After meeting on the show, the pair dated for just six months before Brad proposed. He may have only applied for a laugh, but now, 14 years later the pair are still married and have three girls; Darcie, Bobbie, and Frankie.

Image: Facebook


Nathan McClymont and Amanda Ecker.

If you think Brad and Stacie moved fast, then you haven't met Farmer Nathan McClymont and Amanda Ecker. The Season five couple met during the show and Nathan proposed... in the finale! 

She said yes and they now have three kids together; Mason, Benjamin and Oscar.

"Mason is a football nut, just like his dad; they go to all the Eagles games together," Amanda told Mamamia, "Ben loves to swim and ride his bike... He’s a little entertainer."

Image: Facebook


Frank Atherton and Tenille Jolly.

All it took was a five-minute speed date for farmer Frank Atherton to know he had something special with Tenille Jolly in 2011 on the seventh season of the show.

Five years after they met, Frank proposed on Valentine's Day at his Hughenden property. 

"He brought out some champagne and a plate of antipasto and dropped to one knee," Tenille told ABC. 

"It was a lovely moment, and I did cry ... I had been waiting for it to happen because I love the man."

The pair share one child, Oliver.

Image: Channel Nine


Nikko Lord and Jade Truman.

Season eight saw love between Richmond farmer Nikko Lord and Brisbane yoga teacher Jade Truman bloom.

So much so that Jade decided to move out to the country and start her life with him. 

"In 2012, I moved from Brisbane to a large cattle station 120km out of Richmond in QLD," Jade says on her website.

Jade's taken her yoga to the outback and wants to 'empower rural communities with the philosophy and practice of yoga.'

The pair got married in 2017 and now have two boys together; Jock and Sandy.

Image: Instagram @yoga.rites.outback


Sam Alford and Jodie Byrne.

The following season also saw love blossom with cattleman and musterer Sam Alford and travel agent Jodie Byrne. The pair tied the knot just three months after the show finished and Jodie left her life behind in Sydney to relocate to Sam's WA farm. 

Marrying in 2015, the pair had their first child, River in 2018. 

Jodie's since become a very talented macrame artist and runs a small business selling her work.

Image: Instagram @_pixie_designs


Andrew Guthrie and Jess Nathan.

Andrew and Jess declared their love for one another in the 2021 season finale and the pair confirmed they moved in with one another less than a year later.

“After exactly 11 months of long distance and a million lockdowns later, today has finally arrived,” Jess captioned on Instagram.

They revealed that they bought a house together in Delegate, NSW and shared their renovation journey on social media.

In 2024, the couple decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with one another and got married in a beautiful ceremony.

Image: Instagram @jessnathan_


Harry Lloyd and Tess Brookman.

Farmer Harry and Tess fell for each other in Season 12 in 2022, with Harry declaring his love in the season finale. 

''If I'm honest, Tess, I'm in love with you, and I wanna be with you,'' he said. 

Harry proved how committed he was by temporarily moving from his farm to the Gold Coast to be with Tess. 

''For him to make that decision and commit to it has been huge,'' Tess said.

''I do really love him for being so willing to move for me. I know that Harry's making compromises for me right now, so I'm more than willing to do that in the future, because I do really love him.''


And that's exactly what Tess did. In 2024, the couple ended up moving back to Harry's farm.

Image: Channel 7

Will Simpson and Jess Cova.

The second couple from the 2022 season is Farmer Will Simpson and Jess Cova.

Farmer Will revealed during the finale of the show that the pair haven't spent any time apart because Jess decided to move into his farm in Berriwillock, Victoria, immediately.  


''Since the final decision, we've really ran with it,'' he said.

''I think our relationship is just blossoming as each day goes by,'' Jess agreed. 

The couple adopted a dachshund puppy together named Clyde, and recently celebrated their two-year anniversary in March.

Image: Instagram @farmerwill_au

Matt Young and Olivia Benic.

Matt Young and Olivia Benic are still going strong, with the two purchasing their first home together in March.


The couple have also been plagued by engagement rumours, with fans speculating that Matt popped the question while they were holidaying overseas after they spotted a rock on Olivia's ring finger.

Olivia can be seen giving glimpses into their relationship on her Instagram, sharing cute selfies and providing major life updates.

Neither Brad nor Olivia have confirmed the engagement news, but regardless, they're both happy and very much in love.

Adorable! Image: Instagram @bolivia.benic.


Brad Jones and Clare Hockings.

2023 couple, Brad Jones and Clare Hockings have gone from strength to strength.

In December last year, the two welcomed their first baby, Roy Grahame, together, telling New Idea: "We’re very lucky, he’s such a gorgeous little boy."

Speaking to the tabloid, Brad revealed that he's feeling the pressure to propose, so who knows, we may start hearing wedding bells soon.

"She keeps putting the pressure on to propose," he said. To which Clare responded, "I just want us to have the same last name at some point. So if there are any jewellery designers out there, get in touch with Brad!"

Brad and Clare with their son Roy. Image: Instagram @clare_hockings.


David McMahon and Emily Gordon.

David McMahon and Emily Gordon announced their engagement in October 2023.

"Incredibly proud to announce, this farmer has found his wife," he wrote on Instagram.

David popped the question at Mudgee's Evamor Valley, the same place they had their first solo date on the show together.

"There was a moment at Evamor, when we were having a glass of wine as the sun was setting and I just knew this was something special," David told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"So, it was really important for me that when l asked Em to marry me, it had to be at Evamor Valley — the spot is just such a special part of our journey."

David confirmed the news on his Instagram. Image: Instagram @farmerdavidau.


Andrew Coleman and Claire Saunders.

Andrew Coleman knew Claire Saunders was the one after getting to know her on the show, and he was right.

The couple are still together —  in fact, they're now engaged with Andrew popping the question in March this year.

After the show wrapped, Claire moved her life from Tasmania to Andrew's farm in Narromine, NSW, just to be closer to him.

"We have a nice positive thing going here and it is good to finally get to show the world our happiness," Claire told Woman's Day.

"It's all falling into place nicely," Andrew said with Claire adding, "We've got a great life here."


The two are set to tie the knot. Image: Instagram @clairelsaunders.

This article was originally published on April 9, 2023, and has since been updated with new information.

Feature Image: Instagram @farmerdavidau/clare_hockings.

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