A simple wedding photo request has left a bride furious at her bridesmaid.


When it comes to wedding photos, the bride and groom will always want everything to be completely perfect. If a shirt is slightly untucked, or a flower petal astray, the photos could be completely ruined, apparently.

For one bride, part of the perfect wedding photo meant no watches.

The simple request was obeyed by most bridesmaids, except one, who… forgot.

Writing about the experience on Mumset, user @serenitymummy detailed the disastrous situation.

“This isn’t me but someone I know – was a bridesmaid to a good friend, she was hers a few years ago. Bridezilla (I’ve decided) asked all bridesmaids to take off their watches ‘so they don’t ruin the photos’,” the post began.

“My friend bridesmaid forgot, bridezilla now going mental at her. To the point the friendship might be over. AIBU [am I being unreasonable] to think bride is going way ott [over the top] with this?!” she added.

The request had forum users divided.

“Utterly ridiculous IMO [In my opinion]. Bridezilla needs to calm the f*ck down. Again, IMO,” wrote one user.

“Bridezilla has gone totally mental. Aside from it being a total non-issue, surely a watch would be relatively easy for a decent photographer to edit out?” added another.


Others were more sympathetic to the bride.

“Watches on the wedding photographs is very unsightly IMO. At my wedding I was very specific on what jewellery was allowed for the bridesmaids,” wrote one user.

“I wear a Rolex on a daily basis but I certainly didn’t want it in my wedding photographs. No, my bridesmaids agreed with me on jewellery and the no watch rule,” added another.

Next time we go to a wedding we might just not wear a watch. Just in case.

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