'3 changes I made to my eye makeup in my 30s (that I used to do in my 20s).'

If you're a gal with a face, chances are you're always evolving the way you apply makeup — especially when it comes to your eyes. 

Because it can be tricky, eye makeup. Especially when the skin around your eyes gets a little creasier, thinner and your hooded lids get... hoodier... as you age. The good news is that there are a few easy tricks that can make your whole face look fresher and brighter.

So when skin scientist, author and beauty wizard Hannah Collingwood English recently posted a clip on her Instagram (if you don't follow already, you know what to do) (follow her), on the small changes she's made to her eye makeup routine, you're going to bet we took note.

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Video via Mamamia

"Little eye makeup things I do differently now because my face doesn’t look like it used to," Hannah wrote in the caption. "I’m not complaining!!! I’m just sharing because I know I’m not the only one."

Hear, hear.

"My eyelids crinkle and move and sit lower than they used to, so that creates lines in eyeshadow, mascara printing on the top eyelid, and let’s not start on the sensitive eyes."


Honestly, feels.

In the clip, Hannah also added, "It's quite confronting growing older, especially when you're on camera all the time but it happens to everyone."

Of course, as always, makeup is a completely personal game, and you should always do whatever makes you feel happy and confident, etc. etc. It kind of goes without saying, but you do you. These are just some small tips and tricks if you're kinda confused where to start.

So. Here are three things a beauty expert has changed about her eye makeup in her 30s.

1. Use an eye primer instead of going without.

Image: Instagram/@hannahcollingwoodenglish


If you're in your 30s and over and don't already use an eye primer, get amongst it friend — because the right formula will single-handedly change the look and longevity of your eye makeup (read: no more annoying fallout or creasing).

So, rule number one: find an eyelid primer that's not drying.

Before applying any eye makeup, Hannah uses a small eyeshadow brush and applies some primer across her lids. Her go-to? Tom Ford Emotionproof Eye Primer, $70.

If you're looking for some other options (that are maybe a little more savey), check out Smashbox Photo Finish Intensify Shadow Primer, $42 and e.l.f Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer, $7.

2. Use cream eyeshadow instead of powder.

Image: Instagram/@hannahcollingwoodenglish


Similar to the eye primer thing, if you haven't dipped your pedicured toes into the cream eyeshadow game yet, this is your sign. Blendable, buildable and easy to apply, the market is bursting with more newbies than ever.

As Hannah said, "I find I need to use a cream shadow first because they're so much easier to blend and creams don't give you fallout into your eyes, because my eyes are much more sensitive."

"When I use a darker colour I use a smudgy pencil just because, again, it's easier to blend and just map out where I want the dark colour."

Hannah also added, "If I don't blend softly I'll get a crease, because of the lines in my eyes."

Note to self: Take a feather-soft approach when blending!

3. Set eye makeup with a powder shadow.

Image: Instagram/@hannahcollingwoodenglish


"Next, I'll set that with the powder shadow so my mascara doesn't smudge into it. I like to press it on and then gently blend it and the shadow has to be really soft." 

"So does the brush and pressure of my hand," she shared, applying a tubing mascara to finish.

So, there you have it. Three little tweaks to your eye makeup routine that are about to make your gorgeous mug look twenty times fresher.


Wanna watch the whole tutorial? Take a peek below:

For more from Hannah Collingwood English, follow her on Instagram, TikTok or check out her book Your Best Skin.

What are your tips for eye makeup? Do you have any you'd like to share? Drop them in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@hannahcollingwoodenglish.

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