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VOTE: Which was your favourite erotic fiction post?

Which erotic entry is your favourite?






And, pens down! Your time is up.

Thank you to everyone who entered our erotic fiction competition. We were absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of entries we received (and our Managing Ed, Jamila, got to add MORE than a few things to her ‘things that didn’t happen at my old job’ list.)

However, we’ve now reached the climax (pun completely intended) of our competition. And it’s time for you to exercise your ultimate right as a voting member of the People’s Democratic Republic of Mamamia Readers.

Over the past ten weeks, we’ve published our 10 finalists here on Mamamia. If you missed any of them or need a quick recap, here they all are (just follow the hyperlinks if you need to indulge yourself once again).

Entry 1: The Dark by Jo

Grant’s girlfriend just wants to be alone after another night of watching him mess around with other women. But when she storms home without him, she finds that being alone tonight isn’t a possibility:

He stands completely still for a moment and then slowly, he begins to feel my breast, except his touch is different now. I know I should stop him.

Entry 2: The Compañero of Coppelia by L.D. Smith

A Malecon study tour turns steamy when one of the locals asks our heroine to dance under the Cuban sun. As the summer night carries her away, will she give in to her desire?

The sky was black now. She had no idea how much time had passed. Her body was pounding, her blood rushing furiously through arteries demanding more of his touch, his tongue, his fingers.

Entry 3: A Rose in Bloom by Lily Lane

Sandra is a 47-year-old mother who indulges her online obsession with the erotic in between loading the dishwasher. But when Sandra discovers a website providing married affairs, the line between reality and fantasy is blurred:

Sandra gulped and stared at the screen for a while, terrified that some strange man might actually be there looking at her… She hadn’t expected this.

Entry 4: Sculpt by C.M. Matheson

When a slippery chisel leaves sculptor Ally with a deep wound, she knows that she needs someone to get her medical help. What she doesn’t realise is how helpful that someone might be:

She swept her arm deliberately behind her to clear the bench as he pushed her forward and down. Their mouths parted as they paused momentarily, each imagining what they were about to do.

Entry 5: Jonathan’s Dare by Jax Wood


Lia is newly divorced and ready to start her life again. But, after a friend request from an old school crush, is she ready for what her new life will bring?

I gave myself one more look in the mirror. No, Lia, you are going to do this and you are going to love it. My pussy tingled and I gave my clit a quick touch through the silky fabric of my dress.

Entry 6: The Letter by Anonymous

D is sick of being the third person in J and his relationship. So, when J leaves for a US trip, he takes the time to write her a letter, to show her how much better things would be if she were only with him:

As our kisses slow, we maintain our embrace, and my face moves around to your cheek towards your ear and neck I can hear and feel your ragged breath in my ear as I whisper in yours… “I missed you, baby.”

Entry 7: The Island by Em Anne

Our heroine arrives as the sole beneficiary of her aunt’s estate on a secluded island. But, as she sails towards the shore, she realises that there’s something different about this tropical paradise:

I watched enthralled as the man bent his head and took her nipple in his mouth. In response his partner threw her head back, mouth open in rapture, hair glistening in the afternoon sun.

Entry 8: Throb by Lindsay Hayes

A mystery man leaving Poppy’s apartment has Sarah turning a shade of green. Three seconds of eye contact is all it takes for her mind to start running away from her:

Reaching downward, Sarah gasped and nearly cried out as she slid her finger onto her swollen clit, stroking herself as she pictured The Guy and his crystal clear blue eyes that had penetrated her to the core.

Entry 9: The Temple by Rebecca Giono

In a temple high above the city of Rome, a circle of men are selecting a bride for their Emperor. But as the latest candidate is dismissed, she discovers that her trial is far from over:

With his other hand on the back of her thigh, he lifted her leg until it too was hugging the pillar. It was in this vulnerable position he entered her, without warning, without apology as if he knew he’d find her willing, welcoming and wet.

Entry 10: The Sexy Bucket List by Holly Green

Four girlfriends gather over margaritas for their monthly catch-up. When the topic inevitably turns to Fifty Shades of Grey, they devise a plan to spice up their sex lives:

She looked at each of the women as she slowly delivered her clincher. “Our fantasies– the positions, the places, the men – as many as we can before the last of us turns thirty.”

They’re our favourites but – just like every good reality TV show – we can only be in charge of the selection process for so long. It’s now over to you, Mamamia readers, we are departing the big red swivel chairs and handing you ALL OF THE POWER. It’s up to you to decide which entry should win our competition.

Voting closes at 9am Monday 1 October.

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