'Care fatigue' is the collective emotion of 2022. Here's how to handle it, helpfully.

"Hello, this is an automated message to let you know you've reached emotional capacity. If you would like to lighten your mental load, please press #1."

The news cycle. It feels like a lot. And there's the general feeling that we're all just running in circles right now. For the last few years, in fact. And there's no finish line.

It's ok to admit that it's exhausting. 

We went from the worst bushfires in history, straight into a pandemic. Out of Omicron and into war. And just when we started to get our heads around what's happening in Ukraine, there's suddenly one-in-100-year floods in Australia that have seen entire communities devastated. 

And then sandwiched in between, here we all are, trying to figure out what we can do to help, and when things will all go back to 'normal'. 

We're dealing with grief, uncertainty, loss, a sense of powerlessness and mixed emotions - and it isn’t easy.

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The trauma is relentless. So much so that as the war in Ukraine intensifies, it's somehow getting pushed further and further down our feeds.

An actual war.

People are dying in conflicts they never asked for. People are losing their homes in flood-ravaged towns. Their hardships are just beginning.

But what about the other six wars going on? What about what's happening in Africa and the Middle East? And what about the thousands upon thousands of refugees and asylum seekers that have fled to Australia for a better life, only to wait years for asylum? What about them?

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