'It's very quick and always a hit': 15 parents share their go-to weeknight family dinners.

Kids or no kids, it's hard to come up with a weeknight dinner.

You want to choose something that's filling and tasty after a long day, but you also want something quick that you can whip together when you're too tired to cook. And it has to be something everyone at home enjoys.

We asked 15 parents to share their go-to weeknight family dinners that tick all these boxes, and the kids love them.

To save as future inspo for yourself, your kiddos, or whoever you live with, here's what these families are eating for dinner regularly.

But first, here are some fruit-inspired water recipes to go with your meal. Post continues after video.

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"We don’t eat dinner 'as a family'. We have lunch together on the weekends but with a three-year-old and an 18-month-old, I have zero interest in eating with them and their chaos at 5.30pm. My go-to for the girls is 'personal pizza' which is just: flatbread or tortillas, blended tomatoes on a good day, tomato sauce on a regular day, cheese, and a whole bunch of veggies or pre-cooked meat that my daughter makes into a face. Then it goes under the grill for three minutes. It's always a hit."

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"Our go-to dinner is some rice, daal (lentils) with any vegetables. It does not look pretty, but it’s wholesome and something I can cook in my sleep."

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"We do salsa chicken in the slow cooker, served with tacos or tortillas. Throw your chicken (breast or thigh) into a slow cooker then toss in one to two jars of your favorite salsa. Cook for two to three hours, shred and serve. The kids love it." 


"I will start by saying my six-year-old is VERY picky, it’s a nightmare getting him to eat anything new, but he loves this vegan red lentil curry from Rainbow Plant Life (we all do). Our family is not vegetarian, although we are trying to cut down our meat consumption. I promise this curry is amazing."


"Outside of good ol' spag bol, we like to just cook up a few of our freezer friends and pop them all in a bowl when we're short on time. Veggies, chippies and fish. It's all from the freezer but all good for you and easy to pull together."

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"My kids love sushi so we have these 'poke bowls' once a week. I buy sashimi on my way home and then just slice up some cucumber and avocado while I'm boiling the rice. I top it with seaweed if I have some. Very quick!"

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"We use this risotto base from Donna Hay and add whatever we have in the fridge on the day. For example, chopped spinach, feta cheese, baked pumpkin pieces or sun-dried tomatoes. It’s really versatile and involves almost no cooking."


"As a family, we love all the usual spag bol-type classics. Occasionally a cauliflower cheese bake with a green salad on the side goes down well, but my four-year-old is pretty fussy, so sometimes I just serve up baked beans and nuggets. Especially if my husband - the main house chef - is working as I hate cooking and am very bad at it!"


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"Bolognaise with lots of lentils and kangaroo."

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"Anything that the family can build themselves. Tacos (mince, onion, garlic, carrot, beans, corn and legumes) and little bowls of chopped capsicum, cucumber, tomato, cheese and sour cream or wraps with BBQ marinated chicken and lamb, spring onion dip and chopped salad items - again build yourself."

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"Donna Hay's zucchini slice is a favourite in our house! Only a salad needed." 

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"These are some of our favourites: pesto gnocchi with peas and spinach, bolognaise pasta, crispy fish tacos with guacamole, prawn fried rice and salmon poke bowls."


"Pumpkin, spinach and lentil lasagne." 

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"Chicken pesto pasta. Dice a chicken breast or two while cooking a pot of your favorite pasta shape and dry roast a handful of pine nuts. While the chicken is cooking, cut in half a punnet of cherry tomatoes. Once the pasta and chicken are cooked, mix together with store brought fresh pesto (no one's got time to make it!). Mix in the tomatoes and pine nuts, and serve with your fave veggies on the side (or not!). Then grate some parmesan over the top." 


"Kangaroo fajitas - kangaroo steak sliced into strips, sautéed with capsicum and onions and a homemade spice blend (smoky paprika, chilli, coriander, cumin, salt, garlic and onion). Plus, tortillas, guacamole, sour cream and salsa." 

What's your go-to weeknight family dinner? Share it in the comments below!

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