ROAD TEST: The $10 brand name balm that can replace five of your beauty products.


Bathroom cupboards get a bit crowded sometimes, don’t they?

Not that you don’t love all the bottles and tubes of lotions and serums on the shelf, but when they’re falling over one another, you know it’s time for a clean out.

“But I need all of them,” you cry.

“I couldn’t possibly live without my (deep breath) hand cream, eye cream, vitamin A serum, vitamin C serum, night cream, hydrating mask, detoxifying mask, cuticle oil, lip scrub, makeup remover cloth, makeup remover wipes, micellar water….

That, dear friend, is where the magic of multitasking products comes in.

Hardworking, efficient and versatile, multi-use beauty products are lifesavers for heavy handbags, carry on luggage and bathroom shelves in desperate need of streamlining.

If done correctly, that is.

One multi-use product that gets it right is the Dr Lewinn’s Multi-Moisture Balm. This stuff says it’s a: daily moisture booster, hydrating mask, lip ointment, makeup remover and soothing cuticle cream.

This one tube does five very important things.
It's also ORANGE. Images: Supplied.

How one balm can be suitable for use as five very different products comes down to a) the formula and b) the texture.


The formula contains avocado, buriti, almond and jojoba oils, which work together to provide instant hydration in different ways. Then there's the texture. You'll immediately notice something a tad different about the Dr Lewinn's Multi-Moisture Balm - it's orange.

This orange gel to oil texture is how one product can get away with being a cuticle oil, moisturiser and hand cream all in one. While the consistency feels greasyish upon application, the feeling disappears after a few minutes.

Beauty Heaven trialled the product too - out of the 20 people who tried it, 17 people enjoyed using the product and said their skin felt more nourished and hydrated after continued use. Not bad odds at all.

Enough chat, here are five ways you can use the Dr Lewinn's Multi-Moisture Balm in your life:

As a hydrating face mask

To use as an intensive face mask, apply a generous amount after cleansing. Leave for 15 minutes, then rinse off!

I applied right before bed and loved the luxe texture and consistency. The balm has the feel of a hot oil treatment, but without the heat and soothing spa music.

As a hand cream and cuticle oil

This was maybe my favourite use for the balm. I'm a nail biter so my cuticles and nail beds are an absolute mess.


Aside from using this as a hand cream before bed (I find the texture doesn't absorb fast enough for an on-the-run hand cream), I've been putting a tiny bit of the balm on each of my cuticles and letting it sit for a few minutes before rubbing in.

You'll get bonus points for slathering your hands and feet in the stuff and chucking on socks or gloves overnight for ridiculously soft skin.

As a makeup remover

The great thing about oils is they're really fab at dissolving stubborn makeup products like mascaras and liquid lipsticks.

To use the Dr Lewinn's Multi-Moisture Balm as a makeup remover, apply a generous amount as you would with the mask, and then use a cotton pad to remove the product and your makeup along with it.

If you find micellar waters or wipes irritating, this is a great alternative for sensitive skin. You will need to go in with your regular cleanser after, though.


As a lip balm

Be warned: the taste of this product isn't for everyone. While I really liked the fruity, sweet taste of the balm, my boss really didn't.

We've agreed to disagree. In any case, smooth a dollop of the balm onto your lips for more hydration than your average lip balm. Again, before bed is a great time to apply as you can put on as much as you like.

As a face oil under your day moisturiser

Alas, you can also apply a small pea-sized amount of the Dr Lewinn's Multi-Moisture Balm after cleansing (and toning, if that's your jam), but before your regular moisturiser. Adding this extra step into your morning routine is smart in winter when your skin is dry from chilly winds and indoor heating. It also helps with the glowy skin thing everyone is obsessed with on Instagram at the moment.

In short, you can apply this product to almost every inch of your dry, scaly body (avoid eyes please!).

If only it could shave your legs and do your tax return too... one can dream.

You can find the Dr Lewinn's Multi-Moisture Balm ($19.98 for two 50g tubes) and heaps of other beauty buys over on Mamamia Shopping.

Do you like multi-use beauty products? What are your can't live without products?