The five must-have travel accessories to add a touch of luxury into your trip.

Schlepping the contents of your life into a suitcase and carrying it from one side of the world to the other is an art, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Travellers know it’s never quite as glamorous as your resident-Instagram-travel-blogger makes it seem, but certain tools and accessories help make the process a whole lot more efficient and stylish.

This is where Mon Purse comes in. A lady startup accessorising the suitcases of jetsetters world-wide, they make high-quality, travel accessories with customisation options like monogramming and hand-painting. Their ethos is to create luxury investment pieces with affordable price tags that bring a spark of something special to the every day, and that’s definitely something we can get behind.

So whether you’re preparing for a summer vacation, or are simply looking to upgrade your travel style, here’s a list of ‘must-have’ travel accessories to amp up the ‘swish’ factor of your next trip – be it an interstate work dash or the European holiday of your dreams.

1. The backpack.

carry on travel accessories
Image: Instagram @mon_purse.

Gone are the days were backpacks were seen as the daggy, less stylish counterpart to the handbag. Not only does a classic, black backpack smarten up any outfit, if you're sightseeing it also means you have your hands free and can spend your travel time taking pictures, scoffing down local delights and admiring your new surroundings.

As it should be.

Featured product: Grainy Leather Backpack in Black, $399.

2. The luggage tag.

There's one nightmare every traveller fears and that's losing your luggage on the conveyor belt, or having someone mistake your suitcase as their own. Both scenarios end up with you in your hotel room or Airbnb with a dwindling underwear supply, desperately looking up the nearest department store.

carry on travel accessories
Tres chic and ever so useful. Image: Instagram @mon_purse.

Luckily, a luggage tag solves both problems. Not only does it help you identify your suitcase from the 26 other black, padded cases headed towards you, if you lose your bag, you can rest easy knowing the airline or good Samaritan that finds your bag will be able to contact you. Problem solved.

Featured product: Grainy Leather Luggage Tag in Burgundy, $69.

3. The travel wallet.

Never underestimate how handy it is to have all your travel documents in one handy place. It's a lot easier to keep track of one item, than to keep tabs on your boarding pass, passport, visa certificate, arrivals card, driver's licence and bank cards separately. Buy one - keep it as your designated travel wallet, and leave your everyday wallet at home (or take it but pack it separately with you to use when you've landed).

carry on travel accessories
This will be the handiest thing you will ever buy. Image: Instagram @mon_purse.

It might seem like a superfluous purchase and one that you're only going to use when you're travelling, but it's one that will make the travel process so much easier.

Featured product: Grainy Leather Travel Wallet in Tan, $169.

4. The passport holder.

There's something just a little luxe about carrying around your passport in its own passport holder, but there's a practical element behind the accessory too.

On the outside all passports look pretty much identical but you can make yours unique with your initials embossed on the cover.

carry on travel accessories
Image: Mon Purse.

Plus, the crocodile-embossed leather adds a touch of fancy, allowing you to bring out your inner #travelblogger.

Featured product: Crocodile Emboss Leather Passport Holder in Black, $69.

5. The clear cosmetics bag.

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There are levels of travel organisation, and at the very top of the tree is the person that gets through the airport security line with a perfectly organised makeup bag. All their liquids are accounted for and under the 100mL limit and they just have to pop it in a plastic tray and walk through the metal detector.

With this cosmetics case, you can be that person.

The makeup bag fits all your travel lotions and potions and if you're flying the transparent window panel will help you clear customs in a flash, meaning you get more browsing time in duty free. Good one.

Featured product: Grainy Leather Cosmetic Case with Window in Stone, $149.

What are your travel accessory must haves? Tell us in a comment below!

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