Doggoscopes: The perfect dog breed for you, based on your star sign.

Here at Mamamia, there are two things we love above all else: horoscopes and dogs. Especially dogs… You might have noticed.

So, we decided to combine our two loves, and have created dog breed horoscopes. Doggoscopes, if you will.

Without further ado, here are the breeds most suited to each zodiac sign.

Aquarius – Mutt

Original and inventive, those born under the Aquarius sign take pride in knowing they’re one of a kind, making a cute mutt the perfect partner.

While mixed-breed dogs get a reputation for being less fancy then their pure-bred counterparts, anybody who’s had the joy of owning one knows they’re simply unique.

mutt dog breeds horoscopes
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Pisces - Golden Retriever

Pisceans and golden retrievers are a match made in pooch heaven. They're both lovable, endlessly loyal and happy go-lucky creatures who possess an abundance of energy.

Our empathetic and kind Pisces pals are always trying to make sure everybody around them is happy and content, so it's only fair their wonderful personalities are matched with a cuddly retriever.

Golden Retriever dog breeds horoscopes
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Aries - Staffy

Anybody who's owned a Staffordshire Bull terrier will be familiar with their tenacious and energetic personalities. Just like the first sign of the zodiac, Staffies are affectionate powerhouses who will shove you off the lounge, faster than you can say "not the couch, please."

They can't help it, it's just their nature.

staffy dog breeds horoscopes
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Taurus - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a refined breed. Named after King Charles II, the English ruler was said to occasionally eschew his royal responsibilities for play time with his Cavaliers and even gave his fluffy-eared pets high-security clearance into places like the House of Parliament. Cavaliers are also known for being extra loyal and loving with their owners, just like those born under the Taurus sign.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breeds horoscopes
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Gemini - Dachshund

As any sausage dog owner would know, you don't own a Dachshund, they own you. Yes, they're an undeniably intelligent and loving, but they also like things done their way, whether that's using your arm as a piece of furniture or sitting when you ask them to lie down. They just don't care. They know they have you hooked with their puppy dog eyes. Sounds familiar? They're also super intuitive and don't stand for any crap.

Dachshunds dog breeds horoscopes
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Cancer - Toy Poodle

If you've ever stared into the eyes of a Toy Poodle, you'll know that behind their smiley face, it's almost as if they're secretly reading your mind. Like Cancers, these intuitive pups are full of love, with their clingy temperament matched only by their exuberance.

In fact, they'd like nothing more than to sit on your lap forever and ever, until the end of time.

toy poodle dog breeds horoscopes
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Leo - Pomeranian

Not only do Pomeranians kind of look like mini lions, they're also as extroverted and dazzling as Leos.

While Poms may be small in stature, we all know they have the spirit of a Rottweiler - Just watch one confront a dog seven times their size at the dog park.

pomeranian dog breeds horoscopes
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Virgo - Afghan Hound

Virgos are known for being perfectionists, but it's not their fault. Just like their Afghan Hound counterparts, they'll need lots of attention and won't say no to some good old pamper time.

The elegant breed is also known for being the most 'cat-like' of dogs - they're picky, independent and can sometimes come across as a bit aloof.

Afghan Hound dog breeds horoscopes
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Libra - Beagle

Friendly and gentle people-pleasers, Beagles are the perfect companion for harmonious and justice-loving Librans. Behind their placid behaviour is a sharp nose and and a disciplined brain, which is why they're commonly used as sniffer dogs by border security and police.

beagle dog breeds horoscopes
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Scorpio - Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers have an often unfair reputation for being yappy and occasionally aggressive, but it always comes from a well-meaning place. These little puppers were historically used as hunting dogs, and are known for their passionate (and sometimes stubborn!) behaviour.

Like fiery Scorpios, they aren't afraid to retaliate if provoked, but they're also very loyal. And would you look at that face?!

jack russell terrier dog breeds horoscopesjack russell terrier dog breeds horoscopes
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Sagittarius - Siberian Husky

If you need someone for an impromptu road trip or adventure, your Sagittarian buddy will always be your best bet. We can't think of a better doggy companion for the free-spirited archers than the husky. Not only do they need a lot of exercise, they'll also gladly be your intrepid companion in rain, hail or shine.

These floofers like to live life to the fullest and leave no stone unturned.

Husky dog breeds horoscopes
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Capricorn - German Shepherd

As the hardest working and most ambitious sign of the zodiac, there's no canine more aligned to Capricorn than the diligent, disciplined and sensitive German Shepherd. Their protective instincts are second to none.

Just like our loyal Capricorn friends.

German Shepherd dog breeds horoscopes
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Do you agree with the breed assigned to your star sign? Tell us in the comments below.