HOROSCOPES: Exactly what's in store for you in 2019, according to your star sign.


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weekly horoscope

2019 kicks off with a bang when fiery Mars catapults into your sign on New Year’s Day, motivating you to conquer goals and driving you towards your ambitions with a successful outcome. February sees you focused on growing your money tree with lucrative results. Don’t be afraid to take a financial risk, provided you have done your background research. Venus glows in your sign in April, making this the perfect month to step out and shine. Expect to look and feel your sparkling best. Love is highlighted in July when singles embark on a whirlwind romance and couples reignite passion.


POWER DATES: January 1, April 21, July 23

taurus horoscope

2019 is a year of change for you, Taurus. Electric Uranus shakes things up from March, ridding you of dead wood. Eliminate insincere friends, walk away from a stale romance and become discerning about where and with whom you invest your precious time and efforts. Make hay while the Sun shines in your career zone at the start of the year. Your stars are encouraging you to put yourself out there in terms of your professional aspirations. Know your worth and then add tax. Business owners may consider a collaboration in the first half of the year, guaranteeing profit.


POWER DATES: January 20, March 6, December 16

GEMINI horoscope

March blooms with great career prospects and an opportunity to build your brand when Venus triggers your professional sphere in March. Geminis born between June 5th and 15th are blessed with a dream coming true but must guard their health in order to avoid nervous exhaustion. True love is friendship set on fire when Jupiter kisses Uranus in December. Singles elevate a friendship to the next level whilst couples are encouraged to deepen their connection in fun, playful ways. Expect a bonus at the end of 2019 when lucky Jupiter makes a grand entrance in your financial sector.

POWER DATES: January 7, March 27, November 21

cancer horoscope

2019 wipes the slate clean, as the Sun and Saturn rids you of relationships that are not in your best interests. The Universe has your back even if it doesn’t feel like it in January. You’ll be feeling the love by October, when the Sun shines bright in your sphere of romance. April introduces you to a powerful professional alliance as you kick goals in your career. Consider taking on a leadership role or accepting greater responsibility during this time. July’s total solar eclipse is in your sign, Cancer. This eclipse is sure to bring change, especially for those born between July 10th and 20th. If you’re unsatisfied with any area of your life, this would be the time to initiate a radical move.

POWER DATES: January 6, July 3, October 24

leo horoscope

Expect the unexpected when January’s eclipse rehashes an issue that you thought had been put to rest. Rather than allowing the disruption to ruffle your feathers, see it as an opportunity for further closure and deeper understanding. There is still something that you stand to learn or gain. You’ll be feeling ready to take on the world by February when Venus graces your wellbeing zone. Strengthen your physical body by building up your reserves during this time and you’ll breeze through the winter. Set clear boundaries around money in your relationships in May. Jupiter brings happy news for couples wishing to start or grow their family.

POWER DATES: January 21, March 6, December 16

VIRGO horoscope

Career opportunities are ripe for the picking mid-year. Grab the chance to do some public speaking, if it’s offered to you. Otherwise, be vocal about your ideas at work. The recognition that follows will be worthwhile. August’s blue Moon brings a second chance but this time, the ball will be in your court, so use your power wisely. Saturn turns direct in your romance sector by September, giving love a little push in the right direction. Virgos looking to renovate, move out of home or purchase property can expect a positive outcome before the year is out.

POWER DATES: May 21, August 30, December 3

LIBRA horoscope

January’s eclipse rocks your friendship zone, causing you to part ways with someone close. Conversely, February presents a chance to mend fences, heal a broken heart or finally get over the one that got away. Closure allows you to move forward with a new love or a new chapter in your existing relationship by March. Expect extra pep-in-your-step when the Sun and Mercury shine in your wellbeing sector. October is set to be action packed when Venus improves cash flow and Mars forces you to confront a challenge and win!

POWER DATES: March 21, April 19, October 3

SCORPIO horoscope

Mars motivates you to slay your New Year’s goals when the planet of determination enters your wellbeing sector at the beginning of 2019, making January the perfect month to give up an unhealthy habit or vice. The Sun’s kiss with Venus in your career zone assures success when you network with your girl-boss sisters in August. Set your professional sights high! Positive change in your love-life begins with you, in October. Self-love sets the tone for improved relationships. Venus lines your pocket by the end of the year, bringing a handsome reward for all your hard work.


POWER DATES: May 19, October 28, November 19


Get your sexy on when Venus sweetens your sign in January. Romance finds Sagittarians that have been unlucky in love, so open your heart to receive and know your worth. Jupiter’s retrograde in April asks that you slow down. Protecting your sleep and taking some time out will see you through. Plan a beach holiday or a vacation that connects you with nature and you’ll be glowing by August, which is also the perfect time for you to shine in your career. You’ll be offered an exciting professional opportunity that rewards you both financially and by elevating your status.


POWER DATES: January 7, June 17, August 7

CAPRICORN horoscope

Don’t push yourself too hard in January. The Sun’s dance with Saturn asks you to begin 2019 mindfully. Reflecting on lessons from last year will help you move forward fearlessly by February, when Venus brings a little blessing. Mars assures an action-packed month in March that may include a change of residence. You’ll have bucket loads of energy to tick off your to-do-list and important matters that have been put off or delayed can be confidently conquered then. July’s eclipse switches your focus to relationships, blowing procrastination out of the water and forcing a decision which is ultimately in your best interests.


POWER DATES: July 17, September 18, December 3

AQUARIUS horoscope

January’s eclipse influences your partnership sphere. Solid relationships deepen their commitment by moving in together, tying the knot or taking on a mortgage. But it’s out with the old and in with the new for singles on the dating scene. Aquarians born between February 13th and 18th go on a health kick, taking on a fitness challenge and seeing fantastic results by March. Mercury’s retrograde demands discipline and that you tighten your purse strings. Finances improve dramatically alongside recognition for your work when Mars works a little magic in your career zone in November.

POWER DATES: March 2, August 15, December 27

Week horoscopes pisces

Welcome change blows in like a breath of fresh air when January’s eclipse hits your sector of daily routine. You may be offered a public speaking opportunity that launches your brand or has your boss seeing you in a new advantageous light, in March. Practice and preparation are key. A breakthrough is likely when Uranus encourages you to bury the hatchet with a sibling, former associate or an ex. Open, honest communication promises to be healing for both parties. July’s total solar eclipse heats up your love zone. Kick up your heels, have some fun and they’ll all come running. Couples that play together will stay together in 2019.

POWER DATES: February 20, March 29, November 27

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