How often do you masturbate? No need to tell us, we already know.


Are you cringing yet?

Of all the taboo topics you could bring up at the dinner table, wanking probably takes the cake. And we need to talk about that.

While, yes, privacy can be a good thing, female masturbation is stooped in a whole bunch of shame and stigma and frankly, it is harming the greater good.

"What greater good?" you ask.

"Why on earth should we be talking about masturbation at the dinner table?"

Okay. Maybe leave it out of your family's Sunday roast, (...a boozy brunch could be more fitting?) but masturbation is scientifically good for you.

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It's good for your mental health as well as your sexual health, and we only get better at doing it if we research it and talk about it more

So let’s do that. Right now.

To clear the air on exactly how much masturbation is *normal*, here at Mamamia, we conducted a sex survey where over 1000 women let us know the reality of their sex lives.

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We've learnt exactly how much sex single women are having, what the most popular time is to have sex, and the ins and outs of how women are masturbating.

But today, we're focusing on how often women are fitting their solo sessions in, and the results are very telling.

Of our 1,362 respondents to the Mamamia sex survey...

  • 9 women got it on multiple times a day (0.7%)
  • 42 women masturbate once a day (3.1%)
  • 174 women went for 3 to 6 times a week (12.8%)
  • 208 women get down twice weekly (15.3%)
  • 214 women get it on weekly (15.7%)
  • 206 women like it once a fortnight (15.1%)
  • 187 women opt for a monthly sesh (13.7%)
  • 76 women try 5 to 11 times a year (5.6%)
  • 78 women aim for 2 to 5 times in a year (78%)
  • 35 women will masturbate once a year (2.6%)
  • And 133 women NEVER have a wank. (9.8%)

Here's all that info in a handy chart if you're more of a visually-minded pal: 

Image: Mamamia Sex Survey

So, whether you're keeping busy multiple times a day (get it girlfriend!) or never at all, you're not alone. 

As long as you're staying happy and guilt-free, we're 100 per cent here for it. 

While you're here, get inspired on exactly how to masturbate. As it turns out, there's more than one way...

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