Your prayers have been answered: You can now buy a plastic bag for $750.

Ever looked at the humble plastic bag and thought, “We really need high fashion‘s take on this?”

Me neither.

But according to Celine, a luxury French ready-to-wear brand, a $750 plastic bag is precisely what the average woman wants – nay – needs in her wardrobe.

Today I’m wearing pants that are stained with Colgate toothpaste, so I’ll let the fashion-y people at Vogue do the explaining:

The bag seems to be made of a thick plastic made to mimic the look of a standard plastic bag.

Featuring the label’s name in their classic font, the only other design marker is a warning label printed in four different languages, that reads: “To avoid danger as suffocation keep away this bag from babies and children.”

Sounds… incredibly morbid. And a teensy bit like head designer Phoebe Philo is trolling us all.

Unfortunately, it’s believed the plastic bag will not be made available in Australia; it will make its environmentally questionable debut at a Céline x Nordstrom pop-up in Seattle in the US in May. I’ll give you all a second to compose yourselves and mourn this tragic injustice.

In the meantime, if you’re so inclined, I’m sure you can pop over to Coles and buy a sharpie. I imagine it would give the same result.

Oh, P.S. plastic bags are in – but big sunnies are out. Who knew?