Lily Allen causes social media outrage because of a plastic bag.

The world of instagram is in a state of complete uproar after musician and often controversial star Lily Allen, 30, posted a provocative, and dare we say it very strange, picture to her official account.

The mother of two daughters, Marnie Rose and Ethel Mary, captioned the image “#currentmood”. For a fairly inconspicuous hashtag, Lily copped A LOT of hate. Surprisingly, the backlash stemmed from the parents of her 673,000 followers.

The most common attack was that this post was “dangerous” and “not appropriate for children to see.” What do you think?

Celebrities, especially through the use of social media, are given a resounding platform to express their views, just like the rest of us use our personal instagram and facebook to share stories, ideas and pictures we believe in.

People are forever telling socialites, musicians and actors that they have an obligation to be role models to their fans, simply because of the status and power their occupation has afforded them.

But is it fair to expect that much from them?

Yes, Lily Allen is famous. Yes, she has more than half a million followers. Yes, some of them may be children or young adults. But if you're a fan of Lily's you would know that her tunes themselves are rife with swear words and sometimes even violent language. This picture is therefore not that far from the persona she portrays on stage.

Nonetheless, parents were leaving comments like:

While others just attacked her choice of... umm, headwear.

There were some Lily fans coming to her defence. They could see that she as individual has every right to express her #currentmood in any way she desires.

What do you think? Does this image send a dangerous message to young people?

TAP the pic to see more of Lily's instagram (minus the plastic bag).

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