Victoria Beckham has just been crowned the Queen of thirst traps. It's not what you think.

One thing about Victoria Beckham: she knows what her audience wants.

The multi-hyphenate gifted her followers with not one, but TWO early Christmas gifts this week by delivering some rather thirsty posts of her husband David Beckham

It's not unusual to see the pair, who celebrated 24 years of marriage in July, simping over each other – in fact, it's actually what we've come to expect from the Beckhams, who often choose to overlook the fact that they have an audience of millions watching their every move. 

Watch: Victoria Beckham blesses her followers. Post continues after video. 

Video via Instagram @victoriabeckham.

But this week, Victoria has outdone herself.

It began with an appreciation post for her husband, VB sharing what could only be described as a vulnerable moment from her man, fixing their TV in nothing but Calvin Klein boxers.

"Electrician came to fix the TV... You’re welcome! 😂 @davidbeckham," she wrote to caption the photo of David lying on the floor to repair the TV.


The Instagram post collected more than 28,000 comments and 1.4 million likes, with even the electronics brand Samsung jumping in to leave their own thirsty moment.

"Disclaimer: Not all Frame TVs come with this electrician," the brand commented (which, might we add, was liked over 21,000 times).

And our week was only made better when Victoria returned to Instagram, not to plug her business or share a Christmas countdown, but to simp over her husband AGAIN. And we're sincerely grateful for that.

On Tuesday, she blessed our eyes by showing us how David starts his day – with a sweaty workout, of course.

"Morning work out with this Love Machine 🔊😂 @davidbeckham," she captioned the video (that you can watch above, you're welcome). In the clip, he's completing a set of... downward dog... push-ups.

For those of us who celebrate Christmas, it's nice to know one woman is watching out for all of us and making sure we all get a nice gift this year.

So Posh Spice, we thank you – sincerely – for doing the Lord's work. 

Feature Image: Instagram @victoriabeckham.

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