Victoria Beckham's rocky history with the Spice Girls has been mostly forgotten.

Beckham fever is well and truly upon us with the hysteria that's surrounded the Netflix documentary about pop culture's most resilient power couple, David and Victoria Beckham. 

Plenty has been written about the revelations in the four-part documentary. We've written plenty ourselves

Most of the docuseries was focused on David Beckham's sporting career, with a few mentions of a little-known group called the Spice Girls. 

The band was comprised of five personalities known as Posh, Sporty, Baby, Scary and Ginger Spice who in the late-90s became the biggest girl group of all time, with hit songs like 'Wannabe', 'Say You'll Be There' and 'Spice Up Your Life'. 

The only member of the band to take part in the Netflix documentary was Sporty Spice aka Melanie Chisholm — make of that what you will! 

But it turns out that the singer-turned-fashion-designer's rocky history with the Spice Girls could have been its own series.

Here are just some of the reports and rumours that surrounded Victoria and the game-changing pop group.

Victoria Beckham claimed no one wanted her to sing. 

Long before Victoria was a fashion icon, mother or David's Beckham wife, she was the member of the Spice Girls who never got to sing. 

This was evident from the very beginning. In the Spice Girls' breakout single 'Wannabe' in 1995, Victoria is the only band member who didn't get a single verse. Even after the Spice Girls split in 2000, Victoria was the last of the fivesome to attempt a solo singing career.


Clearly, being a performing artist was not what inspired Victoria. 

In 2016 at the Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibition, Beckham joked that her microphone was turned off during performances. "They used to turn it off and just let the others sing. I got the last laugh – and now my mic is well and truly on, finally."

She also said that she didn't need to perform at the same level as the other Spice Girls, as Posh routinely wore restrictive outfits. "Luckily because I used to wear heels, I just used to jig about a bit and I got away with it, but it never came easily. I was always much more reserved than the other girls," she said. 

The Spice Girls in Paris, 1996. Image: Getty. 


In another 2016 interview with Claudia Winkleman on BBC Radio 2, Victoria made another joke about how no one wanted her to sing. “You should know there are post-its up all over the walls. Do not sing, Posh don’t sing, VB don’t sing."

That same year, ex-manager Simon Fuller said that Victoria never felt at home in the band. 

"She didn't feel comfortable," he said. "She could sing pretty well, she could dance pretty well, but she always felt uncomfortable." Fuller claimed he was the one who inspired her fashion career. 

"When the Spice Girls broke up, she had a few songs as a solo artist but she wasn't happy and she said to me, 'Simon, I just don't want to do music any more. What do you think I should do?'," he recalled. 

"I've known Victoria since she was 18 and her passion in life was always clothes."She was called Posh Spice because she always wore the best dresses and she knew everything about clothes. I said, 'You should be in fashion. You should be a designer.'"

Beckham launched her own label in 2008 which quickly exploded in popularity, and became a mainstay at fashion weeks from Paris to London and New York.


Victoria said she was left feeling insecure over her time with the Spice Girls. "Being in the Spice Girls was so much fun, but I was never the best singer or dancer," Beckham told Elle UK in 2017. 

"When I look back at my past self, [the way I dressed and behaved] was probably a sign of my insecurities." 

In 2019, the Spice Girls embarked on a reunion tour — but without Posh. 

“We felt really strong as a four-piece," Emma Bunton told The Sun in 2019. "That is probably what we will stick to now."

Victoria Beckham's feud with Mel C. 

She might be a good terms with Victoria now, but there have been bumps in the road in the friendships between Posh and Sporty. 

Mel C said that before the band made it big, the two had a huge fight. During a chat with the BBC Radio show Desert Island Discs in 2020, the singer described a “scuffle” between them.

“We’d all had a few bevvies and on the way out there was a little scuffle between myself and Victoria,” Chisholm said. “We can’t say this on-air but I asked her to go away.”

This is putting it politely. She went into further detail in her 2022 autobiography, Who I Am: My Story, where she said that after the Brit Awards in 1996, she told Posh Spice to “f**k off”.

The incident almost ended Mel C's career. 


"I have a little bit of fall out with Victoria at the Brits... and I was threatened to get kicked out the band," she told Entertainment Tonight in 2022.

Apparently, Mel was scolded by both Geri and Mel B, before their new manager Simon Fuller threatened to kick her out of the group.

Thankfully, the relationship was eventually mended. "We love each other and it's like a sisterhood, you know?" Mel told ET. "We started together as kids. We came from nothing. We achieved all of these things."

Image: Instagram/@davidbeckham. 


Mel C also defended Victoria's standing in the group in her memoir. 

"Melodically, myself and Emma were confident at thinking about top-lines and choruses. Mel B would always inject something cool or quirky. Victoria was musical; she knew instinctively how to write songs, but I know she has spoken on various occasions about how she felt she lacked the confidence we all seemed to have," she wrote. 

Sporty Spice has also noted that she doesn't expect Victoria to return to tour with the Spice Girls, due to what happened the last time the band performed as fivesome at the 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony in London.

“She found performing so stressful, and if anything was going to make you anxious, it would be doing the Olympics to an audience of nearly a billion people,” Chisholm wrote in the book. “She was really freaking out before we went on. We tried to calm her down because she was so nervous. I think she thought, ‘I can’t put myself through this again.’”

Mel added that this moment “solidified that the stage was not the place” for Victoria. 

Victoria Beckham's feud with Mel B. 

Then there's this truly bizarre feud that began in 1995 on a group holiday to Hawaii. 

Melanie Brown wrote in her 2002 memoir To Catch A Fire that a fight began after Victoria spotted Mel's holiday fling pooing on the beach. 


“I ended up going off with Nalu for nights on end, ­sleeping rough under the stars or in his little car. A proper holiday romance," she wrote. After Victoria saw Nalu going to the toilet at a tourist beach, before washing off in the sea, she said “Doesn’t he know what a toilet is? It’s disgusting.”

This reportedly was the start of a turbulent relationship between the band members. Ahead of the Spice Girls being reunited at the 2012 Summer Olympics, a story from In Touch claimed that Victoria and Mel B had a huge argument right before their performance. 

“Mel thinks Victoria acts like some big star,” a source said, claiming Victoria refused to share her phone number or email address with her former band mates. “They’ve never really made up, and things have only gotten worse." 

This story sounds a bit fake, but okay! 

Image: Instagram/@officialmelb. 


Then there's the persistent reports that Mel B was not happy with Victoria's refusal to rejoin the band for their 2019 reunion tour. 

“Victoria was always up for a catch-up and the prospect of a celebration of the band’s work. But going out on the road for concerts was never something she agreed to. Now she’s hit back at Mel and the pair on the verge of a major bust-up over the issue," a source told The Sun in 2018. 

“Victoria’s been fuming over suggestions that she is holding up a reunion tour or comeback shows. And she is pointing the finger at Mel for building up fans’ hopes falsely." 

But never fear, the twosome have since patched up their relationship, with Victoria designing Mel's dress when she collected her MBE in 2022. 

Girl power, and all that! 

Feature image: Getty.

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