Dave Hughes on what everyone got wrong about the house he purchased on The Block.


His controversial The Block house purchase made national headlines last year, but according to Dave Hughes – there’s a lot the critics got wrong.

Speaking on his Hit Network radio show Hughesy and Kate yesterday, the comedian demanded an apology from property experts who criticised the $3 million he dropped on Elyse Knowles and Josh Barker’s five-bedroom home.

“I copped so much flak for that,” he said, speaking to his co-host Kate Langbroek. “It was ridiculous and it’s gone on and on and on.”

“A lot of experts weighed into my purchase… there are articles that have been written all year having a go at me,” he added.

But despite being told by experts that he paid almost $500,000 more than he should have for The Block property, Hughesy is certain the critics got it wrong.

“Sticks and Wombat’s House got sold the other day… for $180,000 more than it sold for on the TV less than a year ago,” he said on air.

“They got $2.83 million on the weekend and with my house being worth more than theirs, because it’s a better house in a better position, Katie, I would like an apology,” he added.


But despite defending the property’s exorbitant price, it turns out Hughesy isn’t currently living in the Elsternwick residence.

Instead, the five-bedroom house is currently being rented out for an estimated $2500 to $3000 per week.

Speaking to Triple M earlier this year, the comedian shared that renting out the property was no easy feat.

“I had trouble renting it… it took a while,” he said.

Speaking to Mamamia back in February, Hughesy defended his decision to buy the house.

“There’s been a couple of misquotes saying that I’ve paid too much, I don’t believe I paid too much, I believe in the long run I will have made a good decision,” he said.

“The bank has valued it as less than, but that’s what banks do, they’re just being conservative.”