"It made me annoyed": Dave Hughes has spoken out about overpaying for The Block property.

It was a match made in television heaven.

Social media influencer and model Elyse Knowles, along with partner and carpenter Josh Barker, sold the property they’d been working on for the duration of The Block to Australian comedian Dave Hughes.

Not only was the sale to the popular funny man, but it was for a whopping three million dollars.

It was all smiles for the three of them, with Hughsey accepting the beautiful home the two renovators had created, and the youngsters cashing in hard.

But in a recent interview with Stellar Magazine on Sunday, it seems Hughsey’s smile has faded since purchasing the property.

“I went to get a bank loan the other day and they haven’t valued it the same as I paid for it, which is fine, but annoying because there were five bidders,” Hughsey confessed in the interview.

While he didn’t say how much less the property was valued for, he said it was “enough less that it made me annoyed. For f**k’s sake… I just think it’s good value and in a few year’s time people are going to be going, ‘Well, f**k, didn’t he do well with it!’ I am playing the long game, all right? That is what I say to my wife anyway,'” he joked.

Listen to The Binge: The Block is still going strong. (Post continues after audio.)

Speaking to KIIS FM last year, his wife Holly expressed her scepticism that the property was a well thought out buy by Hughsey.

“It’s not a bargain,” she admitted while speaking on Hughsey’s drive show.

She also told listeners that the property purchase prompted not-so-nice encounters with other school kids for their eight-year-old son Rafferty, leaving the boy feeling like his dad was “showing off”.

Earlier in the week, Hughsey told Triple M’s Hot Breakfast the process of renting out the expensive property had been challenging, but he had finally found a tenant after some initial difficulty.

As for impulse purchases, this one by Hughsey certainly takes the cake.