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We have confirmation: Married At First Sight's Justin and Ashley are a thing.

So, today marks exactly one week since Married at First Sight finished, and a lot has happened.

A lot.

To recap this situation… Originally on the show, the experts paired Justin with Carly and Troy with Ashley, however as time went on Troy realised that hey… Ashley didn’t like him very much, and eventually he and Carly hooked up.

A few days after the finale reports emerged that perhaps Ashley and Justin had brewed a bit of a romance.

And holy smokes now we have confirmation that this is all indeed true.

What a time to be alive.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O, Justin confirmed that they had been going on “secret rendezvous” for a few weeks.

“I’d say a few weeks, Kyle,” were his exact words.

Justin would also like us to all know that it’s strictly physical… because this was something that the public had to know.

When Kyle asked “So it’s sex only, is that what you’re saying?” Justin was oddly very eager to confirm.

“Correct, yes,” Justin said, while laughing.

Ironically a second before, he’d said that “out of respect” he couldn’t say ‘too much,’ but they are “still in touch.”

And very much so as it turns out.

MAFS Ashley & Justin date
A Married At First Sight fan spotted Ashley and Justin on a date in Sydney. Image: Instagram

In a nicer twist, Justin also confirmed that Ashely is "100 per cent" nicer to him than she was to Troy, which is both reassuring and a relief to hear.

This comes after 'engagement rumours,' from their former significant others, Carly and Troy, because this is Married at First Sight, and the drama never stops.