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Less than a week after Married at First Sight ends, Carly and Troy hint they're engaged.

When your precedent for relationships is marrying a stranger on national TV, then perhaps thinking about marriage a few weeks into dating can be considered… taking it slow?

The most unexpected couple of Married at First Sight, Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer (who, as you might remember, were not originally paired up by the experts) are leading fans to believe they might be engaged.

And what was the spark that created this wildfire of rumours and matrimonial intrigue?

Well this video right here…

Video via @troydelmege

Troy decided to share this little snippet of Carly and him playing Jenga during their lockdown before the end of the show and the televised finale onto his Instagram, and fans were quick to swoop on a particular diamond-encrusted item on Carly’s ring finger.

Naturally this could have only meant one thing.

However, before we call pandemonium, maybe there are a few other conclusions we can hop on…

Now that Married at First Sight is over, Miranda Devine would like to point out that the show is a bit cruel… and maybe she does have a point. Post continues after audio.

For example, maybe Carly’s previous engagement ring to ice cream entrepreneur Justin got stuck (awkward), or maybe she was forced to keep the ring on because all the couples were technically still married, and the public weren’t allowed to know.

Or maybe they knew the video would cause exactly the amount of excitement and hype that it clearly already has, and they were downright trolling us.

But, they wouldn’t do that to us right?


We’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds.