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Troy's mum was the true hero of tonight's Married At First Sight.

Troy headed home to his folk’s place on tonight’s Married At First Sight.  It did not go well.

The 34-year-old had paid his parents a visit before his final commitment ceremony with Ashley, and like all nosy parents, they started to probe him about his relationship.

His dad even leaned forward with his hand cupping his chin, and if that’s not a, ‘You’d better listen, son,’ pose, we don’t know what is.

But despite his dad’s intimidating posture, the biggest truth bomb came from Troy’s mum, who told her son Ashley, 28, probably – and by probably, we mean, most definitely – just isn’t that into him.

Troy's dad Married At First Sight
Troy's dad is planning on staring his son down. Image: Channel 9.

"How do you think overall that the experiment went?" she asked.

"I had a great time," said Troy, because he's clearly still kidding himself at this stage.

After rattling off a list of things he kinda sort of likes about Ashley, his parents continued to stare him down, as they tried to telepathically drill the truth into his brain.

Troy went on to tell his parents he'd told Ashley that he loved her, prompting a subtle but epic eyebrow raise from his mum.

Troy's mum MAFS
Troy's mum is not impressed. Image: Channel 9.

"How do you think she feels about you?" asked his dad.

"I'm not 100 percent sure, to be honest. I don't know what's going through her mind," he confessed, and it may be the most honest thing Troy has ever said.

After telling his parents Ashley didn't have "butterflies" for him, Troy's mum said what we've all been thinking. This woman speaks for the nation right now.

"Maybe that may be because she doesn't have great feelings towards you," she said.

Boom. Cue Troy's revelation face.

Troy can't understand how any woman could not be into him, to be honest. Image: Channel 9.

"She needed a lot of personal space all the time," he admitted, as if he was only just figuring it all out.


"She just felt a bit distant."

"Maybe that's because she doesn't have a real connection with you," Troy's poor mum said wearily.

Troy, how did you not see this sooner?! Ugh.

This then led Troy to be very confused as to how any woman could turn down the opportunity to be with him. Clearly there is something very wrong with Ashley.

Line up, ladies. Image: Channel 9.

"I still do think I'm the complete package for most girls. But Ashley doesn't appreciate it, so what can I do?" he said, and um, wot?

"I feel that you may need someone who is a little more dependent on you, who may meld a little bit more with you," added his wise AF mum.

Troy then dropped an epic side-eye, presumably as he scanned the room for his next victim, we mean, partner.

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"I think my parents put things in perspective well," he later said.

"There are so many flaws in our relationship jumping out at me, and I've got massive concerns about compatibility."


Thank you, Troy's mum, from a grateful nation.