Exactly how to wear winter's most comfortable pant trend.

The minute the pandemic hit, I, like many others, found myself prioritising comfort over style

Jeans were replaced by leggings, loafers were switched out for UGGs and frilly blouses were moved to the side to make way for oversized hoodies.

Four years later (I can't believe it's been that long either) the pandemic is well and truly behind us, but my love for cosy clothing isn't. It has gotten to the point where I specifically look for fashion trends that keep comfort at the forefront.

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Which is why, when I came across flared leggings, I knew they had my name written all over them. It's no secret that Y2K fashion has made a comeback. 

Oversized belts, velour tracksuits and low-rise jeans are making the rounds, and now, joining them are flared leggings — or as we used to call them, yoga pants.

But how do you style flared leggings, I hear you ask? Don't worry, I'm going to walk you through how to wear the emerging fashion trend, and then share my recommendations for the best ones on the market.

For when you have brunch at 10 and a meeting at 11.


Bet you didn't think you could wear these to work, did you? Well, you can, you just need to invest in the right pair of flared leggings. 

Actually, scratch that, instead of leggings, get yourself a pair of flared trousers that give off the same look. The structure of the fabric allows you to dress it up a bit more, because sadly, in 2024, lycra still doesn't make for good office attire.

Pair them with a blazer, a turtleneck or button-up blouse and a pair of boots or loafers and you've got yourself a professional fit. 

When you need a cute outfit for a day out.


Picture this: You're spending your entire Sunday strolling through the city. You have nowhere to be; the vibes are high and your outfit is impeccable.

That's the feeling I hope this next outfit combo gives you because comfort doesn't mean you ditch style. Get yourself a white button-up shirt, a knit vest and, of course, your favourite flared leggings and your weekend outfit is sorted. 

When you want a fuss-free outfit.


And lastly, we couldn't finish off this list without featuring a comfortable and fuss-free option. I've written so many stories on puffer jackets (you can read them here and here) so if you haven't picked one up already, go grab one now. 

Not only do they help keep you warm, but they work well with flared leggings. Throw on your favourite sneakers, maybe even an oversized scarf, and you have a warm outfit that can be worn pretty much anywhere. 

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for. Here are a few of my favourite flared leggings (or yoga pants depending on what generation you're from).

Best & Less Womens Plus Size Ponte Flare Pants, $25.

Image: Best & Less.


ECHT Storm Flare Leggings, $85.

Image: ECHT.


Lululemon Groove Nulu Super High Rise Flared Pant, $139.

Image: Lululemon.

Under Armour Motion Flare Pants, $80.

Image: Under Armour, The Iconic.


Glassons High Rise Pinstripe Ponte Pant, $39.99.

Image: Glassons.


H&M Flared Cashmere Blend Pants, $149.

Image: H&M.


Princess Polly Integrity Activewear Yoga Pants, $80.

Image: Princess Polly.

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